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    Well, I'm just an avid Muse fan from the States.
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    New York
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    Guitar playing, listening to music, taking pictures, reading, learning.
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    The Mars Volta
    Rise Against
    The Beatles
    The Killers
    System of a Down
    Queens of the Stone Age
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    Just random documentaries on the universe, wars, future, biomass technology, religion.
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    -Origin of Symmetry
    -Starlight vinyl
    -Black Holes and Revelations

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    8.03.06- Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC
    8.06.07- Madison Square Garden in NYC
  1. So, yeah, I'll need your e-mail address.

    Mine is: isafian@aim.com


    Both songs are in .mp3 format.

  2. Hey, I have the instrumentals to Map of the Problematique and Supermassive Black Hole.

    I only have the guitar/drum backing tracks for Assassin though, sorry.

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