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  1. Voted. That was fun.............
  2. Wow! It was totally worth the 10 hour car ride from florida to see them.. I went with my 18year old and we continued to have the arguement on who told who about MUSE. To bond over a 20 hour car ride (both ways) with your 18 year old is priceless! So worth every penny on gas, hotel and tickets (which I had to pay alot for on Stub Hub, since they were sold out) I'm so fortunate that in this economy I could splurge! The fans were awesome. We stayed at the Holiday Inn across from the Gwinnet center and everyone was so friendly and funny as hell. In the audience everyone was talking and socializing. (I'm 45 and been to alot of concerts, none have been this friendly and fun) We had seen them in Tampa when they opened for U2 and thought no way could it get any better, but they blew us away with this gig. I wish I didn't work so we could follow them around the NE. I was especially thrilled with all the old stuff they played, esp. New Born and to close with Knights of Cydonia was totally freaking awesome! It something my son and I will always have, to think that MUSE brought a mother and son closer together! Go Figure! Just wanted to share! Peace all!
  3. I love your avatar! Fucking awesome. Where is it from?

  4. I upload my pic and save. But when I go to View my member page, it just shows the MUSE logo? Also no picture to the left here.
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