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  1. Thank you very much, even thought i don';t know who is this... Probably someone, who changed their nickname while i was absent.

  2. hahah Nick, i remember you, you fucking panda. And thank you very much, take care!

  3. Oh. Shame, I couldn't. Did you go?

  4. I didn't see you've come :p

  5. Simon, come the fuck back in chat. You care too much.

  6. Simon, too much sarcasm. Don't scare me. D:

  7. You? Something mean? Impossible. You wouldn't offend me. See you.

  8. :kiss: Your pics are amazing.
  9. Damn, you're right :o Yeah, I hope it won't colide with their concerts and albums' releasing... Maybe even it would have some positive effect on their creations. Eh, I miss the days when they weren't famous... I even liked the music more... But they are still fantastic.

  10. Thanks very much. I'm grateful.

  11. Thanks, Nastya. Wow, you've got new pics, you look awesome! Kate Hudson? Who is she? And I didn't know, what a big surprise, another little Musiątko in the world. It's great, hope the child will grow up and become another great genius to make this world better. Lots of love to you too :kiss:

  12. Thank you very much, Pow, and best wishes to you too :) Yes, I had, and not only one big delicious cake. I wish I could share them with you. See you in chat soon.

  13. Simon, thank you very much.

  14. Thank you, Faren!

  15. Hi! I haven't seen you in chat or so long, why? And thank you, holiday was good, though I don't like Christmas. New Year's eve was great (btw, happy new year!). I can't believe another year already began.

  16. The picture you showed me? I'm not even convinced if that was real, boy.

  17. Well, I will never forget that sight. And Chris is hot hot hot hot hot. I'll tell you everything when I see you in chat, soon, I hope. :kiss:

  18. Oh, sorry, I've been busy. But I hope you'll catch me some day :p Try. See you.

  19. Yeah, why not! Just try to catch me while Im in chat. Welcome back, and talk soon.

  20. Hello, Pow. I won't be able to come in chat for some time, the reason is it doesnt want to work and I don't know how to fix it. And I haven't seen ytou for a long time, but hope to see just as soon as I can come in chat again. *kiss*

  21. yes, I wont come in chat for some time, but hope to see you soon. Take care, querida. Adios!

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