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  1. You're welcome.:happy:

    I go around saying happy birthday to everyone.

  2. Thank you very much, even thought i don';t know who is this... Probably someone, who changed their nickname while i was absent.

  3. hahah Nick, i remember you, you fucking panda. And thank you very much, take care!

  4. Happy birthday Fel :kiss:

  5. Happy Birthday! :party:

  6. Fluh i bet you dont remember me or use this anymore but happy birthday!

  7. I wanted to,but somehow i didn't! I'm in Krakow though.. The bands weren't that good anyway

  8. Oh. Shame, I couldn't. Did you go?

  9. Sup Fel? :kiss:

    You going to Coke live this year?

  10. I didn't see you've come :p

  11. I just uploaded a drawing... What do U think about it? :kiss:

  12. hey))

    you can buy a tickets on MUSE (Kiev)

    here - http://bilet.open.ua/

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