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  1. they played KoC in a homeware store while I was shopping for a christmas present for my mum once... And on stars in your eyes (NZ) when they do the background of the contestant they played sunburn, hysteria and something else in the background cant remember what it was though.
  2. hyper music has always been one of my favourites. its meaaannn. much better than hcm. in your face(s)
  3. Well... I saw the video of KoC on tv and it was completely different to all the other crap on. I watched it every time it came on cause i liked the vid Then I listened to take a bow and was freaked out because it was so weird. Then i listened to showbiz and sunburn which were amazing and eventually... I became obsessed. Took ages because they're not so famous in nz. They should be. And they need to come back.But I guess 'that movie' has spread awareness. Not really in a good way though.
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