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    i love my xbox360 im on most nights feeding my darker side lol
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    muse-ville united states of eurasia
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    hen keeper
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    most sorts of music mainly rock no pop or dance
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    any horror movie
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    dont watch tv, got an xbox360 lol
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    books?Only the ones im writing
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    all music cd releases
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    glasgow 091109
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  1. when you unlock an achievment unnatural selection on a game(red dead redemption) and it reminds you of muse my hubby shook his head when i said i only went for it because of that very reason :LOL:
  2. Female 30+ caucasian(white) biffy clyro,greenday(early stuff) linkin park,thin lizzy
  3. hope you dont mind i had a listen and you are pretty good
  4. working,and mostly when im on the xbox killing :LOL:
  5. First heard them on mtv was sitting having a bad day just got told my dad was dying with cancer. After years of looking for him he was being taken from me.Then i heard starlight cried my eyes out. went and bought the album havent stopped listening to them since helped me through some hard times. thanx guys xxx;)
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