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  1. Hi, I've been searching information about our problem with the tickets and I've read that CrowdSurge ships the tickets 2 weeks before the event :S
  2. Hello, I bought 2 tickets for Madrid gig on the pre-sale but still haven't received them. Does anyone else have the same problem?
  3. I've read on the support topic that no one has received a confirmation mail, so I guess you shouldn't be worried about that ^^
  4. Hi! I have the same credit card problem :/ I've already contacted help@muse.mu but no answer yet, I guess they're trying to fix it. Please if anyone has any news about this issue, post it! ^^
  5. Hello, I was trying to do the pre-sale thingie but something was wrong with my credit card so I tried my mother's but it says the same. Does anyone else have this problem? What should I do? Thanks
  6. 1.stockholm syndrome 2.plug in baby 3.unintended 4.invincible 5.knights of cydonia
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