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  1. Tacking on here to say you should also avoid the TZ18 if you find it. I own one and my image quality is utterly gorgeous BUT the video quality is extremely disappointing. The videos look lovely, especially in HD, but the sound quality is one of the most disappointing things imaginable. After hearing the quality of the level below, you almost feel robbed.
  2. This was the highlight of Saturday for me. It's battling Animals for the top position off T2L for me, and seeing how powerful it is live was amazing. Thanks for this!
  3. Seriously, Pip, those Chris pictures are stunning! Love seeing him smile on stage, naww. If you have to apologize for grabbing my arm, then I have to apologize for clutching you and screaming like a maniac when Sunburn started...and perhaps making you go deaf....and also for punching you in the face when I took off my coat
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLYp253WP8U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmJbY1gx49g Have a clip of Explorers and Isolated system floating around on that channel. Also: I generally despise Survival but, my god, it's so much better live.
  5. Had such an incredible time at this gig. One of the best I've been to. Loved being with Pip and Ali all day <3 Finally got a chance to upload my pictures onto flickr. Here's a link to the album: Some samples: I'm next to Ali but I'm swarmed by hands
  6. lalalive

    Dear Niall

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbGC1pu0h10 Oh. Oh, oh. Yes. i love you boo.
  7. lalalive

    Dear Niall

    But the only people who view my youtube channel are people on twitter who also boat members....and now I guess everyone here It's only on the internets because it's adorable and hilarious and it was a good night <3
  8. lalalive

    Dear Niall

    Dear Niall, I love you. Love, Kat
  9. Reverse Minotaur: bull body with human face

  10. Reverse Satyr: A goat with a human bottom half

  11. almost as much as i lalalove you :happy:

  12. girl.....the hell does your name mean anymore :LOL:

  13. take me away from this country :(

  14. its the idiot american version of bitch. pretend i am a materialistic girl from LA, who has the valley girl accent. thats how i would say bitch. with my IQ of 76

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  17. fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap

  18. WHAT YOU GONNA DO? INFRACT ME AGAIN? Fingers crossed 'groovey' is the heavy bass and drum riffs I know they're capable of. This track was half way to being exactly what I wanted it to be, but somehow it leapt off a cliff and totally missed the target. I guess for the Olympics it's ok... I like strings and I like Queen and I like choirs. But whatever the hell they did with all three of those things, I'm like
  19. Can someone get on this? The choir was just.... I remain unimpressed with this However, am optimistic for the album since it sounds as though it will be different. I'll just pretend that this never happened.
  20. MERRY CHRISTMAS BB!! God I am so sad we haven't talked in ages :supersad: The last year of Uni is destroying me. :( I hope 2010 was good for you!! And I hope 2011 is even better!! :kiss: Fill me in on life when you get the chance!

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