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  1. this question has probably been asked a MILLION times but I have to ask again: WHERE can I buy the sz7 camera everyone is taking such fab footage with? Where? (if you tell me maybe there will be some awesome video for you from me come 2010 or whenever )
  2. HAHAHAHA thank you everyone for posting! Seriously I've read through the whole thing. I think my landlord migt be coming down soon to see if I'm ok. Â and as for help have you tried actual man-juice? ( did I just take it too far? )
  3. the formspring thing in your signature made me laugh so much! x

  4. - Excellent idea! (I have swore to never become a creepy stalker )
  5. It's sad to say, but I agree with those saying they won't tour again for a while. However, the thought of not seeing them again in two whole years..... just.. No. Nonononononoooooooo. that will make me seriously depressed. Or maybe it will just drive me so mad that I will become one of those creepy stalker-fans. (Is there such a thing as Muse-rehab? )
  6. A biiiiiiiiiiig thank you to everyone putting videos and pictures up.
  7. Egeli

    Funny Moments

    Simon Neill's hair and beard:LOL: and THE SEX DOLL having sex with an inflatable alien
  8. Can someone invent a time machine asap? I need to do that over again!!!!! Even the crazy train ride on the bakerloo line where all the trains were reeeallly overcrowded and the driver just laughed at us.
  9. I'm just happy to be home alive after taking the train on Bakerloo line back to my room But seriously. that was sparkly-Muse More tomorrow,everything hurts, including my fingers as I tend to bite my nails when I'm excited. (TMI) Goood night
  10. Golden Circle vs. not Golden Circle, if you don't buy GC tickets does that mean you have to stand waaaaay back? I don't miss Norwegian prices, dear. One night in Bergen with GH ticket will cost me the same as two in London.That's just stupid.
  11. England er herlig, spesielt siden jeg fikk med meg Muse på O2 i høst woho! Men for å komme seg til Hove fra vestlandet forresten med tog: fra Stavanger iallefall går det tog til Kristiansand og der kan du bytte til Arendal og det vil være transport derfra til Hove, bare sånn i tilfelle. Kan også ta fly til Kristiansand og tog/buss videre. Om noen trenger hjelp med dette her så si gjerne fra forresten...
  12. Hallo folkens jeg innså nettop noe, jeg har bestilt billetter til Wembley konserten men har egentlig ingen idé om hvordan jeg får billetene mine. Noen som har erfaring og vet? Regner med de må hentes i London, eller? Må jeg kontakte seetickets eller kontakter de meg?
  13. Who needs daytickets, Hove is an experience Norwegian: Linn, jeg hadde dagspass til både Killers og Franz Ferdinand ifjor, er faktisk de som selger ut sist pga. sørlendingene får gjerne med seg hele opplevelsen! Så ta det med ro, det blir nok av dagspass. Bare vær tidlig ute
  14. Hello, couldn't find a thread, don't know if I'm allowed to make one either. lock it if I'm wrong! So excited about this, have predicted them coming since it was official that they were going to Roskilde! Can't imagine Muse in little Arendal, it's gonna be Soooo, viking-musers: Who's going?
  15. Wohooo creativity stuff - me likey I'm gonna read the story, pick a day and try to illustrate it and contribute with stuff to the normal bit as well. However I'm extremely busy nowadays so I'm just gonna have to think about it a bit but I'm so in.
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