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  1. Hiya again :happy:. Meian, see, what it is wiv Muse, and everyfink, is just, just. I like them TOO Much. It's like, Meerkathead and Dom's cheeseliciousness and everyfink and amazing songs and they're just so ace it kills me cos I like them too much and you get maybe a twitter pic every few weeks and tour dates *sulks*. It burns me up, so I have to cut them loose cos otherwise, right, I'll go nuts :'(:yesey: *nods* I spat the dummy at the tour dates/Radio 1 thing cos I thought was gonna be more. I want Muse. I want to eat Muse :stongue::$:$:$. So, so I try and deny it :yesey:. I say no, Muse are crap. Feck off Muse. When realy, really, I like them so much it burns me up.

    *confesses and runs away :facepalm: *

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