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  1. :awesome::happy: Thank you! You can play cello on songs for MY band :yesey::party:. Me likes IlluminationFascination , was that or KUDZU, which is the name of this kind of special herb thing that helps stop people drinking lots, (cos my friend drinks a lot so I researched stuff to help them and found that name a few years ago).But then I thought of IlluminationFascination. Or Glitterbug. Got lyrics and things just need to learn to play something. Was thinking guitar or drums, last summer someone was gonna let me use a drum kit in basement of pub but were busy running it and some stuff so never happened. There's a guitar I want once I can afford it, it's well well nice. I'm left handed so need to either get a left-handed one or play a re-strung right-handed. Think re-strung might be better :yesey:. I'm small though so need a three quarter size one cos otherwise I can't get my hand on the frets properly and its too big to hold easily. I tried to learn piano once but my hands wouldn't span the keys cos of lil' tinyhandedness. It's like 'argh' :rolleyes::LOL:.Love it though :happy::happy:. I can pick stuff out by ear and play it like that. Playing Cello must be cool :cool::awesome:.

    Nice and sunshineyness again here, was raining yesterday. Had cheese and strawberry jam on toast for brekkie, mmm. And apples and grapes and banana and a peach :happy:.

    Can I write a whole message to you without mentioning Labyrinth?Hmmm.... NO!! :LOL::p Watch it it's soooo good. Ignore David Bowie is you don't like him, there's so many ace creatures and people in it. 'Dance, dance magic dance.....'(that's a song from it).

    Oooh long message. Heee. Byefornow :dance:

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