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  1. You have a PM ;):)

    (My a/c not deleted yet I PM-ed wrong person to do it.) Right, Kev or Miss Blee, ...*trots off to compose PM to delete a/c*

    NotbyebyeMeian :happy:

    byebyeforums :rolleyes:

  2. Sorry Meian, but I'm outta here. Thanks for all the messages and stuff, and adding me as a friend. I think you're ace!!:awesome::dance:. Keep up t'Cello, hope you enjoy gig.

    Sorry, just yeah. Had enough now. Way past enough, of this stupid band/Mabel. I mean,.... *starts to get angry again*

    No no. I'm gone



  3. Bit of a rant, bah. Just sooo fed up and been mega-stressed out. Just want off the good ship Muse. I don't like the captain (Mabel), I don't want to sail under him (excuse the ship/boat analogy thing, I like metaphors terribly much :$) and, and I'm not playing MuseGames anymore *Spits dummy loudly* I mean, he's okay and everything I just don't have like screamy 'oooooh' crush on him or anything, so no fun like that. Music's great but need fire. There's no fire wiv Mabel, I can't MAKE myself get a crush on him and make it all exciting and stuff. So it's like, errrr... *wanders towards door*. Fair play to him he does what he does well, but there's no spark, and I can't help that there's not and I guess that's what makes Muse oooooh for you a lot, but for me, I guess it's like you and David Bowie and Labyrinth :$. Sorry for being a bit rambly and stuff :$. Just telling the truth. Cruel to be kind, no point lying to myself. Love the music, not too fussed on Mabel. I know it's his birthday and everything but it's like argh, just enough already and being honest.

    I want stuff happening, gonna get my own band going or stuff. I'm not and never ever will be a 'fan' type person. I'm just not like that. Can't live my life through someone else. I know it makes it all ooooh and stuff, but I get excited about new albums or music, not really band people awfully awfully much. I know there's a dynamic when you look at a band, it's rubbish to say three or four people can just pick up guitars and be a band. You have to have a dynamic. Muse had one, but I think it's all very different now. Not got a ticket for tour and prob not getting the album, why should I, really? It's my choice to like something. Not waiting around months in anticipation, no way jose'. It's like Time Is Running Out lyrics. "How did it come to this"???.

    Debating my Muse-ship wiv you, hope is okay :$ :$:stunned:.

    Byebye anyway.

  4. :LOL::p Oooh, hi. Yes you can play Cello, that'd be :awesome:.

    Labyrinth, hee. Sozza, I will shut up about it now :$ But it's just there's this ace girl in it, called Sarah, and Hoggle who's a kind of goblin/troll thing (but friendly, if a bit surly) and some other creatures and they beat David Bowie. So most of it is about them doing that. He get's beaten, they win!! :awesome:. So you might like it.... :LOL: You could throw popcorn or stuff at the screen when he's on. Bad ole David Bowie.... :ninja:.

    Yep I am left-handed. T'new Dom? But, but no. What would happen to the old Dom? :eek: :eek: . He's too ace to EVER replace :yesey:. Mabel, on t'other hand (oooh, pun), can be shoved off the nearest cliff no problems :rolleyes::LOL:. Oooh that was mean. Sorry :$


    I know what you mean, you like them and like them and stuff, but I think finally it's kinda getting to the point of no return for me with it. I can do other things, my own music and stuff, and there's a lot happening here that I've been kind of ignoring but that I could do if I get some more confidence and stuff. I waited weeks for Muse dates and stuff etc etc, weeks and weeks just sitting around. I really really resent Mabel having that kind of thing over me. It's like, feck off, you're not keeping me waiting on anything. Erase and rewind. (I know it's a biiiig huge thing and everything, (like Muse, muse, muse *bannersignsmiley) but yes, I really can walk away, not get the album, not going to any gigs, just cancel it all in my life. It'd be sad, sure, but I get soooo angry if I think about it properly, like pissing around with codes and stuff and it's all just a big joke isn't it Mabel...Only it's really really not. It's just very very sad. I never heard Muse before last autumn. Just kinda disappointed really I guess. I thought were the greatest band in the world. My mistake.)

    Anyway, :dance: There's too much good stuff in life to let yourself be bothered with other people's stupidness :yesey:.

  5. Hiya again :happy:. Meian, see, what it is wiv Muse, and everyfink, is just, just. I like them TOO Much. It's like, Meerkathead and Dom's cheeseliciousness and everyfink and amazing songs and they're just so ace it kills me cos I like them too much and you get maybe a twitter pic every few weeks and tour dates *sulks*. It burns me up, so I have to cut them loose cos otherwise, right, I'll go nuts :'(:yesey: *nods* I spat the dummy at the tour dates/Radio 1 thing cos I thought was gonna be more. I want Muse. I want to eat Muse :stongue::$:$:$. So, so I try and deny it :yesey:. I say no, Muse are crap. Feck off Muse. When realy, really, I like them so much it burns me up.

    *confesses and runs away :facepalm: *

  6. Hiya again:happy:. Meian, see, what it is wiv Muse, and everyfink, is just, just. I like them TOO Much. It's like, Meerkathead and Dom's cheeseliciousness and everyfink and amazing songs and they're just so ace it kills me cos I like them too much and you get maybe a twitter pic every few weeks and tour dates *sulks*. It burns me up, so I have to cut them loose cos otherwise, right, I'll go nuts :'(:yesey: *nods* I spat the dummy at the tour dates/Radio 1 thing cos I thought was gonna be more. I want Muse. I want to eat Muse :$:LOL:. So, so I try and deny it :eek:. I say no, Muse are crap. Feck off Muse. When realy, really, I like them so much it burns me up.

    *confesses and runs away :facepalm:*

  7. :awesome::happy: Thank you! You can play cello on songs for MY band :yesey::party:. Me likes IlluminationFascination , was that or KUDZU, which is the name of this kind of special herb thing that helps stop people drinking lots, (cos my friend drinks a lot so I researched stuff to help them and found that name a few years ago).But then I thought of IlluminationFascination. Or Glitterbug. Got lyrics and things just need to learn to play something. Was thinking guitar or drums, last summer someone was gonna let me use a drum kit in basement of pub but were busy running it and some stuff so never happened. There's a guitar I want once I can afford it, it's well well nice. I'm left handed so need to either get a left-handed one or play a re-strung right-handed. Think re-strung might be better :yesey:. I'm small though so need a three quarter size one cos otherwise I can't get my hand on the frets properly and its too big to hold easily. I tried to learn piano once but my hands wouldn't span the keys cos of lil' tinyhandedness. It's like 'argh' :rolleyes::LOL:.Love it though :happy::happy:. I can pick stuff out by ear and play it like that. Playing Cello must be cool :cool::awesome:.

    Nice and sunshineyness again here, was raining yesterday. Had cheese and strawberry jam on toast for brekkie, mmm. And apples and grapes and banana and a peach :happy:.

    Can I write a whole message to you without mentioning Labyrinth?Hmmm.... NO!! :LOL::p Watch it it's soooo good. Ignore David Bowie is you don't like him, there's so many ace creatures and people in it. 'Dance, dance magic dance.....'(that's a song from it).

    Oooh long message. Heee. Byefornow :dance:

  8. Oooh, you have stuffages to do too :LOL:.

    Glad you go tickets. I didn't book any :eek::D:LOL:. Kinda, I dunno. Not going, laugh out loud :LOL:. "Oooh, tickets..." Er, nope. Might not even listen to the album. I mean, messed everything around so much, all the delays and that. Kinda fed up of the whole Muse syndrome thing :mad:. Yes I know you'll be like :eek::mad:, but I am standing my ground. Not running after Muse like a little fairy, ohh nope *shakes head in glee*. Album? So what *shrug*. I just pop in here to say hi to you and check Doms blog thing.

    Gonna start my own band :chuckle:. Called 'IlluminationFascination'. First album's gonna be called Illumina'. Might take a few months to get going but ya never know, ya might be coming to see us next year instead of Muse :rolleyes:. I can sing, you see. I thought I couldn't, but then I realised what I was doing wrong, and now I can. I can do sooo many different voice styles :happy:. I was like, woh :eek:. Now I just need to get a good guitar and throw a band together, just need a drummer, second guitarist and bassist and we're away....:D


    nightnight :happy::p

  9. Hello you :D:p. What you up to? Hope you having fun an' stuff :yesey::awesome:. I am. I am enjoying myself veryvery much :D.

    Are you playing any Muse on your cello yet? :eek::awesome:.

    Oooh, there's loads of bands on right near where I live *fun*. Still hot sunshine, ace :awesome:.

    Gonna go get ice cream. Might get butterscotch or toffee or raspberry ripple hmmm :yesey:.

    Yay! Have fun, watch Labyrinth!! byebye :dance::dance: :p

  10. Hey, hope you're all happy about Sweden!! :awesome::dance:

    I'm not gonna be around the board much, just sayin' hiya though! :p


    Hope you having fun :cool:.. I had strawberry ice cream in a hundredsandthousandsprinkles chocolate-topped cone, but it melted really fast in the sun and my long hair swung in it :facepalm: and I got all sticky and stuff :LOL:.

    Been sunbathing on a concrete pipe that runs out to the sea, nice and salty air and strong sun :happy:.

    Might be going to watch some bands and stuff tonight, and maybe sing if I get drunk :dance::LOL:


    Bye4now! :dance:

  11. :awesome::awesome: Get that cello out girl!! You can play along :D
  12. OOOooh...:eek::awesome:. Musenews.....:eek::D:

  13. :D :D Thank you :happy:. Good idea, don't watch the Bowie bits if you don't like :awesome:. He is very dressed up in it he plays the Goblin King....:chuckle: with spiky blonde hair and big capes and stuff :yesey:. He's not in it a lot, it's mostly about the girl getting through the maze and all t'other ace characters :awesome:.

    :facepalm::chuckle:. It is an ace smilie. The dancey one is ace, I don;t think of it like arms waving about it looks like ears or something, like an ace waggely eared creature thing :dance::dance: :D


    It's soooo sunny and hot here, it hardly ever is so it's great! Wheeee sunshine and ice cream :happy:

  14. :) It's a good way to be :LOL::rolleyes::yesey:
  15. :D:LOL:

    It's the good guys that make Labyrinth so ace. There's this huge maze, see, and she has to get through it and meets all these ace characters like Hoggle, who'se an ace dwarf/goblin type creature, and Bluto who's an ace huge woolly mammoth type thing (no meerkats though :LOL:).


    Heeee, thank you :happy:. You =:awesome::cool:.


    byefornow. Drinking coffee late, I fell aslepp all day and woke up at half seven! :$ Like, ww, what? It CAN'T be half seven...:facepalm::noey::LOL:. Errr. I is silly.

    Heee. Byebye! :dance:

  16. Watch Labyrinth!! (feel free to tell me off for keeping going on about it :rolleyes::$, it just is so very very good :D) And David Bowie's the bad guy so you don't see him all the time. And he gets beaten in t'end :yesey::awesome:.


    Muse should make a movie! :dance::chuckle::musesign: Oooh what could it be called/about?...:rudolph::viking::musesign::pussy::xmas::pimp:

  17. :awesome:Thanks for friendship add. I'm a bit scatty but if you don't mind that, ace! :rolleyes::LOL:

  18. Mmmm Milka :D. Good research :yesey::LOL:.

    David Bowie plays the bad guy in Labyrinth :eek:. The good guys are ACE though, that's why i love it. It's funny and very special :yesey::dance:

    My internet is very slow and it keeps taking ages to do things! :$ I wants to read stuff and it's taking aaaggeess :'(. Gonna try it again tomorrow.

    Thanks for message, have fun! bye for now :dance::awesome:

  19. :dance: Hiya. Have a fun weekend!! :dance:Hopefully be getting tour news soon, yay! :awesome:

    What is it about this band?...:rolleyes::LOL::chuckle: Special, is wot it is :yesey: ....

  20. :D Nothing much happens here usually, TT week is like when it actually livens up a bit with bands and stuff. Rest of the time it's not worth going out really cos there's nothing much happening around :LOL:.

    Yep David Bowie does all the songs for Labyrinth, not like his usual stuff as much though more written for the film. It's very good :yesey:.

    Marabou choc sounds yummy :happy:. Is there one called Milka with a cow on the wrapper? I've seen it in shops here, it says on wrapper it's from Sweden I think!


    Got loads of new music today :happy: :happy:. Stuff to do so's byefornow. Have fun!! :awesome::dance:

  21. All of them, cool. Do it! :awesome::yesey:.

    Oooooh Labyrinth is a wonderful wonderful film. It has David Bowie and Jennifer Connolly in, and it's fantastic. I think/hope you'd love it. Try and watch it sometime! :awesome::dance:


    Mmmm chocolate things :happy:. Chocolate ice cream and strawberries. Mmmm.


    Got some stuff to do so might not be around forum as much, it's TT week here soon which is a big motorbike festival with lots of live bands on and stuff. Muse are great but not much happening so Mabel can just get lost haha. I don't care :rolleyes:. Love the music love the wicked drums, not too fussed on all Mabel's prancings around and leaving people waiting and stuff. Just getting fed up of it now I guess :rolleyes:.


    Have fun anyway. See Labyrinth! :happy::dance:

    Will still be logging in sometimes byebyefornow :)

  22. :awesome: You should definitely ask if you can play Muse songs with cello. What song would you most like to use? Decide on one and ask! :yesey::dance:.
  23. Have you seen the film 'Labyrinth'? "Dance, dance magic dance...":dance::awesome::happy:

    It's very good. It has friendly goblins and lots of different creatures in it :yesey:.

    Oooh, can you get different cereals where you are? Cos I had Chocolate Shreddies cereal this morning, and it turns the cereal milk soooo chocolately. It was :happy::happy:.

    Have a great day :awesome:

  24. :D. Or Mabs. Mabel's good though. OOOOOH to call him that. "Oh, hi Mabel," Heeee. Wonder if I'd get a slap :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :eek::LOL:..

    Superhaoki, erm. My long strung-together words make not much sense sometimes. Sorry :rolleyes:. It's super thick hot choc milkshake. From melting ice cream and drinking it :yesey:. OOOOH just saw new smilie ::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:. AWESOME! :awesome::dance::dance:

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