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    Mexico City
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    My biggest interest is my major, after that I'm really involved with my "work" as "admin" XD
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    Apart from Muse of course, I like a lot of music.

    The faves.. well, I don't know. They change as my character changes... it's something difficult to explain...
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    I really loved "The Illusionist", "The Butterfly Effect", "Pirates of the Caribbean" (all of them), "The Constant Gardener"... a lof of them!
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    There're just one thing that it's able to keep me away from the world when I'm watching it on TV: LOST!!!!
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    I love read, so, I have a very long list of titles... anyway, right now I'm very involved into "The Grandchess Board" by Zbigniew Brzezinsky and this book had result very useful for my major too, so, it's perfect for me!
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Mmm... unfortunately, not so much.


    -Origin of Symmetry
    -Black Holes & Revelations (Special Edition)


    Random 1-8




    Hullabaloo DVD
    Absolution Tour DVD
    H.A.A.R.P DVD (twice, one of them is signed! XD)
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    Unfortunately (again!) just once at Auditorio Telmex in Guadalajara, Mexico, last 18th July.
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  1. Cate Blanchett plus her silvery heels


    Cate Blanchett is a superb and even amazing young lady. It is often this type of pay tribute to to have a evaluate the Heels involving Cate Blanchett. The silvery Heels are usually brilliant however if you possess that with your present, it is easy to feel that they search like an out of date mate to get tens of a long time.

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