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  1. First off, i think it's some of Matts better piano work. I say this because Piano Thing was nothing more than improvisation. Most of these insults are coming from people who don't fully understand the way music works. Keep in mind, before you insult, that the song was made up on the fly. It wad not composed or written. It was simply played. Anyone should be commended for it. In this case, thank you Matthew Bellamy.
  2. I never came round to liking Jimmy Kane. It's so off putting. It's just. BLAH. By the way: StARliGHT Is LIke ThEIr bESt sONg. (just kidding) But I do have a guilty pleasure. Let's just say it'll "make you feel pure."
  3. From Shine: "Remember when you used to cheese? An made us screen eternal choice." Futurism: "C'mon and crush our bones." Glorious: "Crows tint into you." ToaD Athiest: "In this place, trapped beneath my pillow." Darkshines: "Pulsilize (?), you light up my darkest eye" New Born: "Stretch it like a butt squeeze" (lulz) Megalomania: "Take off your dead skies, I know that underneath its me." and my classic favorite; Micro Cuts: "I've seen, Royalty in me. Destroting, puppy strings to us all." yea, its pretty bad
  4. This is perhaps one of my favorite parts of the album. I love his rendition, so I went ahead and listened to the actual version. And i was still blown away. I love putting it on full blast and belting out "Reponds a ma tendresse!!!" in as much of an opera voice as I can. Please let me know if you love this part as much as I do!
  5. Albums: Showbiz Origin Of Symmetry Absolution Black Holes & Revelations The Resistance Including: Hullabaloo H.A.R.R.P. Vinyl: Showbiz 2LP Origin Of Symmetry 2LP Absolution 2LP Black Holes & Revelations The Resistance 2LP Special: The Resistance Limited Edition Box Set w/ 5.1 Disc I also just ordered the CD+Vinyl Uprising Single
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