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  1. It is a stand by ticket no guarantee of entrance. I have one other person I have to check with if she is going if not your friend can have the other. I'll send you a direct message when I find out..
  2. just got an email on the stand by list... I was ready to throw in the towel and give up.. wonder how many people will NOT be showing up.. and is the stand by list for the members only or the whole sweepstakes including PC Richards one I wonder.. I don't care what the paper says I'll be there early.. I'll have an extra since im going solo if anyone wants to go with me.. Im coming from Jersey taking the train but could meet up..
  3. It shows you can still enter and the rules say May 6th. So who knows how they are doing it..
  4. looks like May 1st.. someone I know on here said they entered a few times with the same email.. but it says one entry per email. wonder if that automatically disqualifies them..
  5. According to the rules 74 people will be picked by random.. not sure if what is written is a factor in the contest...
  6. well im an actual fan and will try my hardest to get in since my code didnt work for the pre sale for webster hall.. im so hopeful!!!!!!
  7. yea and probably release a handful of tix since most will got to executives and friends and family im sure.. good luck...
  8. I didn't get a ticket for ny either and had my code since yesterday.. oh well. 1st time ever I will not see them locally..
  9. Yes i got the ga pre sale ticket and it says will call and that the receipt is the ticket BUT you have to have the credit card used apparently they scan the credit card and it shows up. Not sure if this is true but i can tell you the receipt does not have a barcode...
  10. Sometimes they just shock the hell out of people cause they are so good and dont know what to do. I had seats for this one(hate seats but its all i could get) and my section was crazy yes sometimes i sat during the slow songs but then again I'm old and my back is killing me, but other times i just shook my head in amazement they are so damn good, tonight i have ga east and friday ga and i will be barrier!!!! Oh and yes cant stand the people on the cell phones!!!
  11. Say hello to catherine for me, she will be the aussie with red hair. Shes always at barrier!!!
  12. Too early ill be there at 8 am for barrier
  13. I too am going solo but going very early to qeue early and get up front, I'm taking nj transit not sure what you would take.
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