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    Arras, France, july 1st 2006
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    Luxembourg, may 26th 2007
    Wembley stadium, UK, june 16th & 17th 2007
    Parc des princes, france, june 23rd 2007
    Monaco, france, july 12th 2007
    Verona, Italy, July 16th 2007
    Stockholm, sweden, october 21st 2007
    Oslo, Norway, October 23 rd 2007
    Copenhagen, Denmark, Ocotber 24 th 2007
    Royal Albert Hall, UK, april 12th 2008
    Rock In Rio, Lisbon, Portugal, june 6th 2008
    Marlay Park, Ireland, August 13th 2008
    V festival Chemlsford, August 16th 2008
    V festival Stafford, August 17th 2008
  1. I was gonna start my message by something incredibly nice telling you that Muse have changed my life and made it better and so on, but I guess that's the kind of things that is written between the lines when people have seen you live pretty much everywhere in Europe over the past four year, so I'm just gonna go straight to what made me write you the first private message in my whole fan carreer.

    Let's put things into perspectives, would you ? How would you, honestly, react, if after 4 entire years of crossing Europe by every part just because you love and believe enough in something you HAVE to support it everywhere, you would learn that what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity of seeing that thing (let's not say it's called Muse or it might complicate what I am trying to make you figure out) in the best condition ever (1500 pers. venue capacity) was something that depend ONLY to LUCK ? How frustrating that would be ?

    Now imagine that the thing in question was something true, something ACTUALLY happening, and let's say that some of the most loyal fans you have, some of those who does not give a fuck on the number of album sold, whether you're on twilight ost or not and would still do whatever they could to keep on proving you how much they love you even if all of a sudden you would stop being "that" cool and "that" successful, imagine for just a second that those fans, those who does not even WANT to know how the album is gonna be to buy blindly (deafly should I say) the gig tickets, imagine just for a second that those fans are gonna be left apart from the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now tell me it's fair. Please, just do it.


    Hard, right ? What if your whole carreer was based on luck ? Would you be where you are right now ? No, because we all know it's based on talent. And because we both know that letting luck rules it all would be screwing things up.

    I know, it's ONE gig. But imagine one second my face when I discover that this gig is gonna be in the tinyest venue possible. As far as I remember, the last time I had such an opportunity was two years ago, at the Albert Hall, and I paid the tickets a sum you would not even be able to imagine (well, maybe you would, but it's far from being glorious to admit, though I would spend those £300 each tickets again if needed) but at least, i had the chance to do something. This time, I won't. All I am able to do is listen to one of the french's worst radio 24/7, praying for my number to be picked out of thousand of others and watching people that does not even know what you're fucking name is proving me that out of luck, you do nothing. Unless I read it wrong, you wrote a song about this kind of things on the last album, wich make it even more difficult to digest.

    Even worst, part of this contest is open to under 18's only. Too bad, i'm 25 !

    I'm not angry, not even a little, though it seems like I am. That won't change anything, and I'll still be able to happily spend several nights queueing for, hmm, every single stadium this summer, a couple of European festivals and even Glastonbury (and have you seen the people we are gonna have to bear on the main stage saturday ? Shakira ?! For real ?!?!), and I'll still be the shining definition of happiness when you'll be on stage, and pretty much convinced I've seen the best gig to date even if I know next one will somehow be better. That won't change the way my summer is gonna be, that won't change the fact that the thing i'll see the most (except you, of course ) in the nest four month is gonna be Bordeaux's airport, that won't change the billions of emotions i'll have thanks to your incredible, mindblowing talent, that won't change the friends i'll meet there and the fabulous time i'll have everywhere. That won't change the tears that are gonna fall eventually because you touch my soul the deepest way possible, that won't change the laugh, that won't change the stars people are gonna spot in my eyes after each and every gig. Of course it won't. But don't you think that we have much more to give back to you inside a venue as tiny as the casino de paris than someone who'll randomly win a couple of ticket ? Because that's what make me feel fucked. The fact that this venue will most probably be full of people that will forget you within days straight after it.

    I'm absolutely sure you can't do anything about it. Yet I felt like I was in need to apologize in advance for what will probably happen there by the end of the month. Imagine what i could have been if instead of 1500 person you'll never gonna see again, it would have been 1500 faces you can bet on the fact you're gonna spot 15 days later.

  2. Hello,SPICYMOOSE!!!

    How are you?

  3. Merry ChrisMatt XD





  4. yes I know lol


    I went to the city of rock 2:cool:


    sorry my eng..:erm:


    pwetty gig.*.*


    my first gig:rolleyes:

  5. they are locked until the band answers it^^

    wich will be next week-ish:)

    then i guess they will be unlocked...


  6. rock in rio lisbon :)

  7. hey, seeing as your question was in the top 30, just wondering if you managed to see the results. all the answers are locked! :( do you know why? or did you receive the answers?




  8. Hello!


    sorry rock in rio UK?O.o

  9. It's the final countdown lol !

    I hope we'll stay in the top 10 until monday ^^ !



  10. thanx 4 answerin my questionn!!!! :)

  11. it's just a masterpiece wayyyy underated reduce me to tears every time!!
  12. heya

    Matthew James Bellamy

    Dominic James Howard

    Christopher Anthony Wolstenholme


    At last one question answered^^

    no offense, but there are some questions that you can just ask on the forum and we will answer you. Maybe you can re-ask your question for something different?

    Hope i had answered properly your question


  13. yeah we'll have sweet revenge^^

    btw, do you have msn? might be fun to speak through it

    mine is starlight172006@hotmail.co.uk

    night night^^

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