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    im sleepy most of the time, or im asleep, or here, or playing video games, or at school(i hate it!), or playing on my pc,etc...
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    new york, USA
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    listning 2 music and playing video games
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    MUSE,matchbook romance, the killers, the all american rejects, my chemical romance, rise against, AFI, blaqk audio, and incubus
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    spaceballs(the world's best movie ever), don't mess with the zohan, and tropic thunder
  • Favourite TV Shows
    family guy
    south park
    the simpsons
  • Favourite Books
    ender's game
    the alex cross seires
  • Muse Releases Owned
    blach holes and revelations, absolution, and H.A.A.R.P., orgin of symetry, hullabulo soundtrack, showbiz, a bunch of rarities and b-sides, and the absolution tour
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    none :-(, they r rarly in the U.S.
  1. nice group! =D

    I join it ^^

    I love A.F.I. and Blaqk Audio! (and Muse v.v) :p

    How are you?

  2. i measure in fareinheight....is 40c alot?

  3. yeah i dont go back until february..

    but its getting pretty hot over here. 40c tomorrow :(

  4. i have a week off if school for christmas but then i have alot of school

  5. yeah same here :p

    but im on it now. for a little while...


    im on school holidays for the next month and a bit :D

  6. im srry i havnt responded....my family took my computer away cuz i got in trouble =/

  7. haha, oh i should of known...

    my cousins from canada arrive today! :D

  8. meh on and off with girls

  9. hey sorry i havent replied for a while, just got back from europe

    so how have you been?

  10. i have no clue what diva is................and i want 2 get her something special

  11. dont you have places like diva? im not sure what your equivalent of that is, but its not real stuff, just cool things.

    gift cards a pretty cool, but sometimes having more personalised things are cool

  12. ummm.i dont have alot of money so the jewlery subject is out...

  13. ah i have no idea, sorry

    i dont exacly have the normal teenager thing down packed lol

    jewelry of sorts is usually good, nothing fancy, just full of awesome.

  14. hats gona be fun...ummm...what would u want for your birthday? because my friend whos around your age doesnt know what she wants

  15. yeah music is awesome, next year i get to have music everyday


    will be a lot of fun

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