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  1. Yep, we're all going to try to meet up before the show, we just haven't decided where/when :p



    Maybe we should start a list for the meetup so we can get an idea of how big the group is and go from there?




    That's odd, it must be the venue's policy...don't worry though, the Key tickets don't have that :) atleast not my Ticketmaster ones.


    Maybe one of you Seattlelites/Pacific Northwesters could make a social group for the meetup. I've seen that done for other gigs. (I'd make the group, but I feel like someone from the area should have the honors!)


    On the front of the ticket? My Ticketmaster ones and my presale one for Fort Worth don't say that either.


    Pitching a dinner idea: what about a diner-type place? Looking at a map of the area, looks like there's a few of them near Key Arena. Is anyone averse to burgers and shakes? There's Dick's Drive Inn, Kidd Valley and Mecca Cafe. Dick's is closest to the arena.

  2. I didn't realize there were so many Vegas people going :awesome:



    I wonder if this will also involve making a Youtube video :LOL: I hope not.



    I know what you mean, I'm seated for this show but standing for Vancouver, it'll be weird to not be at the barrier. Damn being short :LOL: also, I think doors are at 6.



    What does everyone think of meeting at Seattle Center? There are places to eat and Key Arena is right in there :)




    +1 on the "damn being short" comment. :(


    That sounds like a good plan, meeting at Seattle Center. We're staying nearby and my sister and I are gonna hang out throughout the day in that area, anyway. What are some good dinner spots there?

  3. Sounds great to me, but again, we prob won't get there until about 6PM


    Okay, hopefully there won't be any traffic!


    Dinner sounds good to me. What time do the doors open again? I'm a bit concerned about not being on the barrier considering my height, I've never experienced a gig not holding onto the barrier for support. Don't think I'll be bringing my camera with me to this one. Don't expect to see much :LOL:.


    I thought you were only doing GA for Portland and you had seats for this show? Or maybe I'm mistaken?

  4. I don't think Melanie plans to queue, and I know we won't be able to, so just going to take our chances and be on Chris' side, usually can get pretty close. We're planning on going for barrier in Portland though -- you going to that one too, Liberty? Tahnee, Jaelu, Melanie, Behnaz -- lots of the Vegas bunch will be at these NW shows!


    No, we're just going to the Seattle show. So dinner, then?

  5. hey cool! didn't know you were planning to make it to this show! :awesome: it will be good to see you again after our afternoon on the Vegas strip!


    I could've sworn I left you a message about it! Yes, heading up there with my sister that weekend. It shall be a blast!

  6. No worries, Liberty. It's all for good reason (to deter scalpers), which I strongly support. As long as the tickets show up before the gig, I'm happy. :happy:


    Glad you're coming to Seattle! Tahnee reminded me about that today. Are you queuing early? If not, you should join us for lunch/dinner before the gig. We should start planning a meetup somewhere. :D


    Ah okay. I was just a bit taken aback reading how you guys were still waiting for your tickets to arrive! But yes, if it is to deter scalpers and you're getting the tickets before the show, then it's all good!


    My sister and I have seated tickets so we're most likely going to hang out in Seattle Center the day of the gig and start queuing closer to the doors open time. We could join you for either lunch or dinner. Do you have GA or seated tickets? Those of you with GA probably want to spend most of the day in line? ;)


    Since I'm going to all 3 NW shows, I wouldn't mind missing a bit of SSPU so we can have a decent dinner somewhere. Won't be able to leave from Tacoma until nearly 5, due to my older son's work schedule.


    We're going to have quite a group for these shows!


    I'm open to missing SSPU for dinner, too, since I'm seeing them more than once on this tour, as well.


    Can't wait!

  7. Mhm. The shows are very interesting. The big shows during the Demon Days tour used brightly colored backgrounds so they appeared as silhouettes on stage while the various collaborators played under normal stage light, it was so cool. I am so excited and can't wait to see what they'll do at Coachella. And maybe a return for Morgan on bass? :awesome:


    Dang, that means Morgan would be playing with two of the three headliners! Unless he decides to do a collabo with Jay-Z, hehe.

  8. Thanks :happy:! Honestly, I'm more concerned about not catching the Gorillaz set, that's a live show more worth watching than the current Muse show, imo.


    That should be interesting to see. From YouTube videos, looks like they did projections of animations in the past?

  9. Why do I have to live in the UK? They cant really wonder about here, because everyone would recognise them now :(


    Then again, they put on shows in the UK more often, seems like. I guess it's a double-edged sword.

  10. Ugh, now I'm really thinking about going... a coworker/friend is also thinking about going. I'd change my flight out of Vegas on April 12 if I do decide to go. I used frequent flyer miles for that flight and the change fee is only $50 (I thought it'd be more!).

  11. Are you going to Coachella during your big extravaganza of a trip? I really wish I could. I die a little inside everytime I look at the line-up. How surprising that two of my FAVORITE bands are headlining and I can't go. *sigh*


    No, it's too much for me to do with the Muse shows I'm already going to, and I might be going to the Philippines with my mom over the summer. Ah yeah, that sucks. :(

  12. Dude, there's still some other LEGIT bands playing on the other days- Thom Yorke, MuteMath, MGMT, Spoon, Julian Casablancas, Them Crooked Vultures. It would def. be worth it if you like those bands as well as muse.


    He was saying that because of the lack of conversation in this thread haha. Yeah, lots of good acts playing that weekend.

  13. Oh yes. Adrenaline-induced euphoria. I was so burned out the day after I went to a Muse gig. My entire body ached for almost three days! I had to wake up early the next day and I barely slept 'cause I was still to excited about the concert and meeting Dom and all that shiz. But I was so happy so I didn't care how much it hurt. :p


    Ah yeah, that's exactly how it felt! I had trouble sleeping, too (who can sleep after seeing their favorite band!), which also added to the morning-after sleepiness!


    haha that's no adrenaline...that's euphoria :)


    but you'll always be on a high when you see you've favourite band :)


    Haha it's both!



  14. Searched this thread and didn't find anything mentioning these Obey shirts Matt and Dom were wearing in Vegas in December. Thought I'd post these shirts here since someone asked about the first Obey shirt here: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=71182






    Matt's "Run Sucka Run" shirt: http://shop.obeyclothing.com/p-1324-run-sucka-run-pigment-dye-t-shirt.aspx


    Also here: http://shop.obeyclothing.com/p-1322-run-sucka-run-basic-t-shirt.aspx (same print, different kind of shirt... and for half the price!)





    Dom's "Lotus" shirt: http://shop.obeyclothing.com/p-1275-lotus-canvas-organic-t-shirt.aspx


    (And Matt with his infamous coat, of course, along with a lei I made.)




    I believe Matt's "Propaganda Since 1989" shirt pictured here is also from Obey, but I can't find it on their online shop. (And yes, that's me lol.)



  15. hahaha...mind you, you probably had about 10,000 people behind you!!! especially if you're on the barrier...


    but then again he's up on the stage with all the lights and jumping around and what not...maybe the adrenline is still coursing through his veins :)


    Adrenaline works wonders. I actually don't remember feeling tired immediately after both Muse gigs I went to - felt it more the morning after.


    I have also asked him if he was tired or not after the show. He said not really. I mean, I nearly died in the crowd! I suffocated. Urgh, god is really a god. Can't compare a normal person with a god :rolleyes:


    You gotta remember, Muse (like other touring bands) puts on live shows on a fairly regular basis, and have been doing this for quite some time. Can't really compare your experience in the crowd vs. their experience on stage!

  16. okay... so my friend and i are going to see muse at the key arena in seattle... what hotel would be a good place to stay at?


    and does anyone have any ideas of what they like to do in seattle before or after shows???


    I just want to see them in person. I might get too scared to even talk with them.


    Check out the Seattle thread for more info: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=69208


    :LOL: sounds great! how big was the gig at the hotel then?

    hotels are a rip off around gig dates. :mad:


    The Joint has a 4,000 capacity. :)

  17. Thanks! Needless to say it's one of my fave pix too...

    I stayed at the Hard Rock, where they were performing -- most of us Musers stayed there, a few took other options that cost a bit less. I got my room rate locked in as soon as the gig was announced; the rates went up quite a bit after that. I know the hotels in Wembley have done the same thing....


    When I got to the HRH, I was coming down in the elevator from my room and chatted with a nice short Hispanic guy in a knit cap. Had a DOH moment later when I realized it was Carlos Santana! He has a resident gig there... I have literally been a fan of his since 1969!


    It was quite convenient staying at the Hard Rock! Especially after having a few drinks. :LOL:


    :LOL: Whoops! Awesome story.

  18. I think what one has to appreciate is that meeting fans isn't really part of their job and it's nothing more then dead luck if you get the chance and run in to them. Meeting them at airports etc isn't always your best bet because they do have a schedule to keep. If you catch them on off hours, after shows, on days off and the like I find they are extremely willing to say hello, but remember it is their time, and they don't often have a lot of it.


    Quoted for truth.

  19. I have met them several times, mostly just good timing, and sometimes persistence (staying behind a venue in the cold for 2 hrs....). But mostly that was back in the day when they were playing smaller venues in the US. I can assure you, though, that they are simply the nicest guys in the world, no rockstar arrogance or attitude, and they seem to truly appreciate their fans! Good luck!


    An example of my amazing luck: After seeing them perform in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel (on the barrier!), I had a late free mileage-plan flight out the next day. I returned to the hotel a bit bored and bummed after a totally wasted day shopping, and guess who I encountered in the hotel lobby??



    Had a lovely chat with Chris, then Dom and Morgan who were at the slot machines, then Tom -- finally saw Matthew too, as they all went out to the limo to go to the airport. Bored and bummed no more!


    I just looked in the spoiler tag... that's a lovely picture! All three of 'em, too!








    Matt's lei.




  20. Umm...how about none of these choices?

    I think:



    Franz Ferdinand

    Blur (are they back together?)


    but that's just me.


    If Jet is an opener, Muse could do "Back in Black" with the lead singer again!


    Muse and Franz on the same day would be amazing.

  21. what i want to know is how you go and meet them at the parties? like how do you get there?


    I don't know how afterparties usually work (I've only been to a Muse one), but the one after the Vegas gig in December (the same gig gocanux went to!) was at the concert venue at the Hard Rock Hotel, and their afterparty was at a club in the same hotel. We found out about the party literally the day before the show. A Muser saw a stack of little postcards advertising it in the hotel's tattoo parlor. What was great about the Vegas party was that if you had a ticket stub from the show, you got in for free.


    As an aside, my friends and I were walking back to my car in Waikiki the night "Lost" premiered a couple weeks ago, and we found the cast/crew afterparty. My sister's underage, though, and it looked like you had to be on the list to get in. But yeah, that's the only other afterparty encounter I've had.


    We got to meet Dom, Kirk and Morgan at the after party in Singapore last week, at the Stereolab in Pan Pacific, where they also stayed. We kinda held ourselves back at first because we didn't want to bother them at all (the event was sorta private, so there weren't really a lot of other fans at venue, just mostly people who were involved in the Big Night Out show), but we figured that might be the our last ever opportunity, so we went ahead and seized it. We got to talk to Dom for a bit and give him a present (he said we were "very thoughtful"), and he was really nice.


    I felt the same way when we first spotted them - I didn't want to interrupt. Christina ended up pushing me towards Matt to get a pic with him. :facepalm:


    When we went to the Vegas party, I was hoping Muse would be there, but wasn't expecting them to be there. You don't want to psych yourself out about meeting them and then become deeply disappointed when you don't get to. If it happens, it happens; if it doesn't, it doesn't. Part of it is networking/word by mouth, part of it is persistence, and part of it (perhaps the biggest part) is luck.

  22. It's so amazing to see how many fans in Israel have banded together for so long in this effort to bring Muse there! I really hope they'll finally play a gig in your country in the near future! Kind of makes me wish there were that many fans here in Hawaii who are as vocal and dedicated, as they have never played here, either! Kudos to all of you!

  23. Ok, so, does anyone know if we're getting the towers stage setup or the one that was used in Japan?


    By the way, Dead Star live, would seriously be the greatest thing I would ever experience.





    Somebody said they might be using the towers, and that they didn't use them in Japan because they were being shipped here. It would explain why they're playing arenas here.

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