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  1. hawaii in november on the way to australia :awesome:




    And if not, Kirky just let us down.


    :indiff: announce them all at once like every other band, geez.




    Is this their way of somehow discouraging scalpers? Because it's not very effective, is it? Just effectively making fans antsy.

  2. Brian, much thanks to you and your friend for taping the gig! I downloaded the FLAC tracks over the weekend off MuseBootlegs.


    My photos from this gig are already on Facebook. I've yet to upload them to Flickr. When I do, I'll post the highlights here. :)


    Some videos I took:


    "New Born" (with "Micro Cuts" riffage):



    "The Star-Spangled Banner" interlude


  3. I suppose, though that doesn't explain how TiRO, Starlight, etc., were at the top of the fan votes in some European cities last I checked... It was funny how some voters were hacking the polls -- what moron thought it was a good idea to take this and throw it right back in Muse's face??


    Those votes for the hits are most likely from non-boardies. You don't have to be a boardie to vote on those polls on .mu.

  4. 7 Gigs in 6.. No.. Since the band started.


    One opening for U2 (2009)

    Two opening for MCR (2007)

    Three headlining (2004, 2005)

    One festival (2004)


    This and my mood is pissing me off.


    Not sure how this is depressing... there are other states and entire countries where they haven't played at all. That said, they do need to make a Florida stop this time around for you guys!

  5. Ok, a tweet/new link from NME about the US dates said:


    Beginning with a show at the Viejas Arena in San Diego on September 22, the jaunt ends with a date at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati on November 6.


    I'm confused, that's not all they're doing, is it? Because the way they put it made it seem that's all that was being announced :unsure: they did say more to come, so probably just me then....



    anyways, BOSTON NAO. :ninja:


    NME is only working with the info that's been announced so far. I wouldn't be concerned!

  6. um, what is this about? It just appeared on the presale site:


    Muse Ticketing

    First Midwest Bank Arena (Opening for Brad Paisley)

    Friday 7/16/2010

    4:00 pm EST First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre

    Tinley Park, IL


    :LOL: Surely someone playing a joke! They'll be in France at that time, anyway!

  7. I'll have my fingers crossed for you.


    oooh here's hoping! :D


    ooooh Hawaii! Here's hoping.


    That would be awesome, Liberty! It's about time they come to you instead of you having to go to them. :yesey: Thinking good thoughts for you!


    Thanks, guys! Sending good thoughts to everyone who's hoping for Muse in their area!

  8. :LOL: wow, you remembered! other bands have dunnit :D there should totally be a myooze cruise!!


    as for a Hawai'i show ... it would be :awesome: if they went to the islands, Liberty! I'd be completely thrilled for you and Hawai'i Musers :musesign:


    How could I forget? As agenthal said, it's catchy!


    I would be so happy to see them at home for a change! Seems like other Musers I've talked to would consider traveling to the islands for a show, so it'd be even better if I could see my friends from the boards!

  9. Not very likely. I'd probably plan on rooming with fellow Musers this time around just because I'll be able to then. :LOL:


    ETA: Not very likely in response to family coming. I hope it'll fall on a weekend as well. :chuckle:


    Ooooh *fistpumps*


    But then I'd have to pay for it. :p My dad has a bunch of airline and hotel rewards, but usually doesn't let me use them if I'm going somewhere by myself.


    Aw, I was thinking about those rewards your dad has, too! Fall (and spring) is the off-season in Hawaii, so usually prices for flights and hotel rooms aren't as bad as the summer, so there's that going for you. And splitting costs with hotel rooms always helps.


    Man, look at us already talking about this! This better happen, Muse/Kirky! :fear:

  10. I'll try! The problem is that the only time we could go is in the summertime or during Christmas break. :(


    :( Then just come by yourself, lol.


    Hopefully it won't be scheduled in a time where I have class. That would suck.


    Ugh, hopefully it'll fall on a weekend so you can go! Would your family come along like in Vegas?

  11. Ooooo a Hawaii gig would be awesome! And you got to talk to Kirky, that is so cool. :awesome:


    Yeah it would! And Kirky is awesome. He let us eat some raspberries out of this bowl he was holding! :LOL: He also agreed when our group told him how shit this tour's setlist was! I believe he said something like, "I miss the old songs, too."


    That's awesome!! Maybe they could hit there en route to NZ/Australia? Blaisdell maybe?


    Yeah, that makes the most sense! And yeah, probably Blaisdell - it's about the size of the one in Denver they were supposed to play in before they cancelled that date.


    omg, how awesome that would be. Fans in Hawaii are so cut off from everyone unless they can afford to fly. I lived there for 4 years and was sooo sad I couldn't see Muse til we moved back to the mainland. I hope this happens. :D


    Yeah, would they do Blaisdell? Are Muse played on any stations there now?


    Yeah, I have lots of friends who love Muse but just can't afford or make time to fly out to see them, so I hope this is something that's really gonna happen, too! And seeing them at home would be something special. Kirky wouldn't be pulling my leg, right? ...


    Blaisdell's the only venue I can see them playing in at this point (capacity ~8,000), unless they do a smaller gig at Pipeline (~2,000). Don't think they're at the point in HI where they'd play Aloha Stadium (~50,000), where U2 closed out their world tour back in 2006.


    Not sure, I don't listen to the radio. :LOL: "Uprising" is on their playlist.




    i heard about this :shifty: i would be so tempted to go to that :shifty:


    Yeah Olly and some of the others in Phoenix and Vegas were saying they'd want to go, too! I smell a meetup. :awesome:

  12. Talked to Tom Kirk after the Vegas gig, gave him a lei and some stuff for the band, mentioned I was from Hawaii, and he said they were going there "soon." Seeing as there isn't really any vacation time on their schedule, I hope he was talking about a gig in the fall...

  13. SEATTLE WAS AMAZING. :D Got the spot right in front of Matt. :happy: Was niceeeee. Totally pointed at me during Knights of Cydonia. Strange. He pointed at me in Portland too during "Hoooooooooold you in my arms". :stunned: Then he somewhat talked to me on stage at Portland. Commented my blinky blue glasses after GL. I was like :happy:.


    Shelbi, that's awesome! Sorry we couldn't meet up! Hopefully there will be a next time. :)

  14. Liberty, it was great seeing you again and meeting your sister :happy: hope you guys had a blast!


    I just got home from Portland a while ago so I am a bit late to this thread, but this show was really amazing. The crowd was a little dull where I was sitting but the show itself was really incredible. Muse had alot of energy and I was genuinely surprised to hear RBS, I can't even describe how beautiful that song was. The riffs were insane at this show :yesey:



    Not sure what's going on with the glitter manson but Matt had it in Portland last night during Unnatural Selection. Maybe he was using an MB-1? Hmm.


    Hey Roya! Great seeing you again, too! Hope you get a chance to rest up after this weekend! I agree with everything you said - glad my sister and I got to see them in Seattle! It was her first Muse show so I was enjoying seeing her reactions to everything. :)

  15. Are you fucking shitting me? Did nobody recognize the Micro Cuts riff at the end of New Born? And there was no movement at all in the pit at all. What kind of atrocious crowd is this?


    I freaked out when they started playing the "Microcuts" riff and "Ruled by Secrecy." I'm sure the people in the seats around me were like :wtf:?


    There was a lot of crowd movement during KoC and SS, as well. The Seattle crowd was quite lively overall. Can't really base on videos alone.

  16. He's tossed the Glitterati before, not too long ago. Can't remember which gig it was, but I believe the neck came off. But they fixed it because he was using it again not too long afterward.


    if you were in the seats and saw blue blinky glasses at the front of the sound board ... that was me! :D good night all -- wishing you dreams of sweet setlists ...


    Oh I saw you then! I was looking for other blinking glasses in the arena and there were only a few. My sister and I were in the seats in the back - mine were blue and hers were red. It was great seeing you, Doug, Behnaz, and Melanie again at Dick's, and meeting some new people there, too!

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