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  1. can we get in with a backpack or bag?

    cause ill be on line's really early and it will be cold,

    but then ill be worm inside... so i wanna take a backpack with me... :stunned:


    Actually, some venues won't even let you in with a large bag like a backpack. Like everyone else said, if you need to bring extra stuff with you for the queue, go back to your car about an hour before doors to put it all away.

  2. Those really help! Thanks so much! And your photos are :eek: gorgeous! The visuals look amazing!


    I needed that guideline to what I could see and couldn't see RIGHT on the barrier, but from this, stuck up against the barrier is the way to go :D


    Thank you! And the visuals are stunning!


    Definitely, if you want to be as close to the band as possible and right in the action! Try to be as close to the middle as possible for the best view (like the Houston photo).

  3. Was this view from right at the absolute front of the barrier? I'm worried my shortness will take away from the cool of being at the very front :LOL: At least when those damn towers are being used..


    and ps; Is there a video floating around on youtube of the gif in your sig? :awesome: I keep staring at it :LOL:


    I can't speak for jurrassitol, but I have a similar shot from Houston:







    Compare with a similar shot from Phoenix:







    At both shows, I was right on the barrier, right in front of Matt's tower, though I was more at an angle in Phoenix, as you can see from the second pic.


    All three pics I posted were during Exogenesis. Look through all my pictures here because it'll give you a well-rounded idea of how my view was like, which was awesome, save for that one picture of Matt. :LOL:


    This is probably my favorite pic of Matt, which I took in Houston:






  4. I don't read every post in this thread. I get it if there's no multiple new threads created with new dates - posts here are all BS and fans here just screaming "WE WANT THIS! ... NOW!" heh heh *The 1st after ACL prediction should've stopped any activity in this thread.*


    But then I'm one of those obsessively checking, procastinating & begging ...


    That's pretty much what this thread is... this and most of Main Muse. :LOL:


    What are you procrastinating over? Travel plans?

  5. MySpace, those liars. They said they'd stream the entire gig! At least they didn't cut out RBS.


    I know, I noticed that yesterday! :LOL:

    Don't remember where I found the pic, though. Love it.


    It's a great pic!


    The reason why I looked pissed during Starlight is because this girl was trying to push me away from the barrier. She only freaked out for Starlight too. What a WHORE!


    Aw man! :(


    I remember when I was at Houston on the barrier, this chick behind me only freaked out over Starlight and proceeded to headbang, whipping her hair in my face. :LOL:

  6. yes it shall be...though you can get a good view of the towers even up near the barrier...i was about 5 or so metres from the barrier on matthew's side at the O2 and it was a perfect view :) even with the towers up!


    This is true. All depends where you are on the barrier. It was fine when I saw them in Houston and for most of the Phoenix gig (barrier for both); I got a lot of decent shots from both shows (click the link to see my photos from Houston, Austin, Seattle and Phoenix).


    There were a few moments in Phoenix when I got a lovely view like this, though. :LOL:






  7. Holy. Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone record please I don't have a myspace!!!!!!


    :wtf: Based on the SXSW video, you don't need a MySpace account to be able to watch it. With the SXSW video, you could just go to http://www.myspace.com/muse and it was on their page. Regardless, I'm sure someone will record it.


    Matt threw his guitar?!!!? Omg, how did I not hear of this?? Can't wait to see it :D !!!!!




    Skip to 1:08.


    It's the full gig or only some songs?

    Because Stockholm Syndrome with Nirvana's riffs would be awesome....but they have already streamed the song for the SXSW show :stunned:

    It will be an amazing show anyway :D


    they’ll be streaming a full hour-and-a-half concert from their stellar show in Seattle last month
  8. The link's not working atm. What exactly's going on?


    Remember the SXSW show that was supposed to stream on MySpace, but it ended up being only two songs and they said they'd stream another show? They're streaming the entire Seattle concert starting 12:01 am PST on Wednesday. That's 9:01 pm tomorrow, Hawaiian Standard Time. :awesome:


    Here's the original post from MySpace Music's blog:


    Just over a month ago, you may recall a whole lot of fuss about a show at the South By Southwest conference in Austin involving the rock band Muse. We put it on, they showed up with their lasers, people freaked the eff out. Man, that was an incredible show.


    Unfortunately, some dude spilled his beer on the soundboard (or something like that) and we were only able to capture two songs from their set at Stubb’s—as well as some intimate, documentary-like footage leading up to the show that day. During the first few hours that the clip lived on the site, it included a disclaimer that promised “a full show in the next few weeks.”


    Say what you will about Muse, but those dudes keep their word: On Wednseday, the progressive rock trio will debut “The Resistance Tour – Live” here on MySpace. What that means is that they’ll be streaming a full hour-and-a-half concert from their stellar show in Seatte last month. Consider it a gift to all of their patient fans.


    We got to see footage from the Seattle show early and we’ll say this: What you’ll see on Wednesday captures Muse not only in their natural habitat, but also in the prime of their live career.


    There are few bands right now in the live arena who can touch what Muse do each night and “The Resistance Tour – Live” essentially underlines that point. The show will go live at 12:01 AM PST on Wednesday and you will be able to see it by visiting the MySpace Music homepage throughout the day. If you plan on tuning in, you may want to warn the people sitting in the cubicle next to you. It’s about to get loud.


    See you then…

  9. Hmm, it says it starts a minute past midnight on Wed. on PST. I don't know if they'll be streaming it all day or what. :erm:


    "The show will go live at 12:01 AM PST on Wednesday and you will be able to see it by visiting the MySpace Music homepage throughout the day."


    If it's like how the SXSW video was, it may be on MySpace for a few weeks.

  10. Haha, it was still amazing to see it though.


    It was! I was a little gutted when my camera died right after SS, so I didn't get the toss on camera. With the wonders of YouTube (and now MySpace Music), I'm no longer bummed out about it!

  11. I'm hoping they'll tour a bit in 2011, and I might even schedule my study abroad around it. But so far it's looking like I will have seen Muse at least 8 times in 2010 alone, hahaha. :D


    Similar situation here! :LOL: *points at my sig* Including Wembley, it's seven for me, and if that Hawaii date will actually happen, that would make eight!

  12. Sorry, my iPhone won't let me quote your message for me. Did he give you any idea of when the could be coming? It would be cool to make some for them for sure. More personal like. Here's a hard question for you Liberty...do you think we have enough fans to make it worth their while? I know that here on Kauai, when I try to get our station to play them, the dj's respond with "who?", and that's it. I did find one other Muser here though. My phone went off in Borders, playing my Exo 2 ringtone, and a girl who works there said "hey I love them!". Is it better on Oahu? We build the fan base and they might come sooner?


    Nah, we caught Tom Kirk after the Vegas show at the mixing desk - this is the show where we decided to hang out and have a dance party at the back of the pit. There were other people who wanted to talk to him, too, so I didn't think to ask him too much about it. My friends and I brought flags from each of our states and countries (I was with some boardies from the UK, France and Ireland) and gave them to him, so he said that after I gave him my Hawaii flag and a bag of local treats and souvenirs for the band, and told him where I was from. My prediction is in November, before they head over to Australia. That's if Tom Kirk wasn't talking about a vacation here. :LOL: They do have a month off right now.


    I think it'd be worth their while to come here. I know a bunch of people here who like them - people I went to school with, people I used to work with, and another boardie on here (Kylee), as well. I'm a bit more hesitant to say if they could fill the arena here, even though it's on the smaller side as far as arenas go. Maybe a small venue if they decide to forgo the towers here (like if they decide to directly ship the stage equipment to Australia).


    Do you know about the member map on .mu? I checked it yesterday when I was uploading my concert photos and we're now up to 87 registered members. I remember when it was just me and Kylee. :LOL: And it wasn't that long ago, either!


    :LOL: :LOL: your post is :awesome: I was gonna ask the same question because one of the things i'd like to do before i die is crowd surf :) I'll probably try to do it during the last song in case i get kicked out :LOL:




    So i should call the venue and ask them if i would get kicked out for crowd surfing?


    There are usually signs posted if they do kick people out for doing that.

  13. How did you get to meet them?


    When I went to the Holiday Havoc gig in December, there was an after party at one of the clubs at the Hard Rock Hotel. (The concert venue was also in the HRH.) I went in with someone else on the boards thinking "Oh, they won't be there... though it'd be awesome if they were!" :LOL: My pic with Matt is on my profile here.

  14. Hey Liberty! I talked to my sister today, and she reminded me that she was in the pit at the Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Blind Melon concert years ago. She said this will be mild in comparison to that, and that her son will be fine. I forgot she went to that. I hate her all over again for it. :-)


    I so wish you were able to come too!!! I'm so stoked. I'm going to ship some leis to my sister's house from Oahu to give to them. I'd take them on the plane, but we'll be there a while. I bet you were the first to ever give some to the guys. Did they understand the meaning?


    Oh wow! Yeah, this should be cake for her!


    Good thinking. I had made these origami star lei for them because I didn't want to damage fresh flower ones. In the end, I only got to give one to Matt, but didn't get to explain anything at all about the meaning of it or anything... there was loud music and he was in a bit of a rush.


    Thinking it'd be cool if we gave them lei if/when they come to Hawaii. Tom Kirk said they were coming here soon; hopefully he meant for a gig.


    Ooh, I want to give them leis. :awesome: I miss Hawaii so much, used to go to the Big Island every year as a kid. My dad has a bunch of friends who live together in a place called Belly Acres. Weird jugglers are weird. :LOL:


    That's so random! :LOL:


    Don't know if it has been asked before, but if you go for GA and stand sort of towards the back, can you still see the stage pretty well?


    I went to Green Day last year and was in seats right near the back and had a good view. Do you reckon I may as well go for seats for Muse if I won't see much at the back of GA?


    Or maybe side seats...


    The only time I was in the pitch area and not on the barrier was in Vegas a few weeks ago and we hung in the back, where there's a LOT more room AND a great, wide view of the stage. During the parts when they're on the towers, it was a bit better to be in the back. You could have a dance party like we did!


    Is it easy making friends in the pit?


    Yeah if you're a friendly person. :)


    I've always wondered how do people start crowd surfing. Does one just decide to do it, then jumps on top of some random person beside them and yells "I'M CROWD SURFING, NOW CARRY ME BIOTCH :awesome:"?


    This is probably such a n00b question, but the only time I've actually seen crowd surfing was at Muse and I wasn't in the pit :$


    No idea. I know sometimes people do it when they can't handle the pit and need to get out. A lot of times, though, they seem to do it for kicks. There are venues that kick people out for doing that.

  15. Well crap...This is intense. I bought our tickets for the 10-8-10 show in OKC the second the presale started (5 am my time), and I could not get four seats together. I would LOVE the pit even though I'm only 5'4; however, the youngest in our group is my nephew who is 12. Any suggestions???


    By the way, thanks for all posts. Great advice. We plan to get there around 11 for a decent spot, which sounds like it will change throughout the night. Maybe I'll stuff my pockets with food, candy, and mini bottles of alcohol to help me bond with my neighbors!


    Maybe go as a larger group with other members of this board. Anyone ever done that?


    Hi, fellow Hawaii Muser!


    Well I'm 5'0" and I've been in the pit at a ton of gigs, most of them at the barrier. If your nephew doesn't mind being in close contact with other people, it should be fine. I've seen Muse multiple times this year and the crowd was quite tame this tour, so unless audiences in OKC happen to be on the aggressive side, there shouldn't be too much to worry about.


    Yes, I've met up with a bunch of awesome Musers from here! Best way to go! :awesome: Sorry I'm not going to that gig!

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