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  1. Just saw the locked Hawaii thread you started. Yeah, when I went to go see Muse in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, my friends and I talked to their media manager Tom Kirk (we were by the soundboard and he usually works there). I gave him a Hawaii flag, a lei and other local goodies for the band, told him I was from Hawaii, and he said, "Oh, we're going there soon." So we'll see if they announce a Honolulu date; hopefully he didn't mean for a vacation! Another batch of U.S. dates are set to be announced "soon." Hopefully they make a stop between North America and Australia, where they're rumored to play in November. Looks like there's a two-week gap between dates so it's possible. We'll see.

  2. Yes! I live in Hawaii and I'm Filipino. How about you, where do you live? I see you like Muse and Franz Ferdinand... me too! :) I added you as a friend, I hope you don't mind.

  3. Thank you for your festive artwork! Merry Christ"Matt" and a Happy New Year to you too! Or in Hawaiian: Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! Or in Tagalog: Maligayang pasko!


    And here's to a new year with what's looking like a new Muse album! Yes! :musesign:

  4. Hey Brian! It was great to (briefly) meet you in Phoenix!

  5. I just noticed your undertitle, and I just have to say, I have a friend who would totally agree with you. Her bio on Twitter says, "Video editor, All around awesome and part time Unicorn Trainer." She has a toy unicorn named Trixie in her office. :LOL:

  6. I'm from Hawaii. You're from Italy? I had a roommate in college from Brescia, I think.

  7. Yeah both my parents are Filipino. My dad was born here but he grew up in Ilocos Norte. My mom's from Visayas but she grew up in Manila. Tagalog is the only dialect they have in common. :LOL: (Not counting English of course!)


    Haha, I'm not as fluent as I used to be. I'm very fluent in understanding Tagalog though!


    Cool, I'll see you here on the boards! :)

  8. Yeah I was born and raised in Hawaii. And my name actually is Liberty. I know, it sounds so patriotic and American :LOL:. I was born on the July 4th, that's why. My parents were funny like that. Nice to meet you Audrey!

  9. Thank you! Yours is too!

  10. Haha I wish I could go there! Someday I'm sure. My sister is four years younger than me and she got to go to Italy before me!

  11. Random question... what are some neat things to do in Manila? I know about Luzon Park and the Manila Zoo already. Not sure how much has changed since I've been there 12 years ago. And you guys have the subway/train thing now right?

  12. Oh okay, that might be something we'd like to check out. Thanks!

  13. Hey Audrey! Whereabouts in Manila do you live? Cris brought up the idea of us possibly meeting up. I'm leaving for Manila next Tuesday.

  14. Good morning! (Good afternoon here.) How are you?


    My mom's traveling to the P.I. next month. I thought I was gonna go, but now I'm not sure. I work two jobs and my full-time said ok, but the weekend one is not sure yet.

  15. :( *hugs* I'm not gonna ask... but I hope the problem gets resolved.


    Yeah, it's my Saturday job which I hope shouldn't be a problem. :)

  16. :LOL: Here it is! http://twitter.com/glorificus5884


    She had a blog where she'd often talk about her unicorn, but the news station she works for recently merged with another station, so her blog (and everyone else's blogs that were on the original website) isn't up anymore. But she still posts pics on Twitter like this one: http://twitpic.com/f60po


    Mormon porn star. I see the irony there! :chuckle:

  17. :)


    I actually already called her twice and she hasn't returned my phone calls. Grr. I was going to email her but I'd find it easier if we could talk it out.

  18. Hi! Thanks for adding me as a friend. How are you?

  19. Hehe, she called back earlier this evening, phew! She was cool with it! :D

  20. Yeah, I looked it up on Google Maps and I noticed you weren't too far away from my roommate's hometown (and Matt's house, haha). What's it like there?

  21. Audrey! Thank you so much for going through great lengths to meet up in Manila!


    Here's a set of photos I took while I was in the Philippines:


    And our pics of the two of us:

    Audrey and Me

    Audrey and Me at SM San Lazaro

  22. Yeah tomorrow. Ah shucks, it's okay. That actually kind of works out because we ended up going to SM today and we're meeting up with a relative tomorrow. It looks like I'm staying in Manila for a few days after I come back from Iloilo in a couple weeks (May 11-ish). I'll call you around that time. ;)

  23. Mine was okay. Watched HAARP then went outside and watched my sister and her friend light up some fireworks. Funny how soon we had to adjust from the break! And thanks for the invite! Will check out your website!

  24. I've never been anywhere in Europe, but again my sister has. She's been to Italy, the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. (It was a tour for a music ambassadors program.) I would very much like to as soon as I can afford it. And right now, Absolution is my favorite album, though they're all magnificent in their own way.

  25. Yeah! I'm glad. Now I just need to budget everything out because I don't want to be broke by the time I come back from all those trips.

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