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  1. Hey, just checking to see if you got my CD mix in the post yet? I sent it a long while ago.

  2. Thanks! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

  3. Are you planning to visit Austin during South by Southwest in March? I'll be there with most of my coworkers for the whole 11 days. :)

  4. Nope we're not queuing till like an hour or two before doors. At the pub with some Musers right now actually.

  5. I haven't logged onto the boards in forever so apologies for the very delayed response! My friends and I are indeed in London at the moment and are seeing Muse both nights! Hopefully we'll somehow run into each other there!

  6. Hey, I've been okay, I guess, keeping busy. Nope, definitely not planning on going to any gigs after London, unless they come to Hawaii like Tom Kirk said...

  7. Just saw the locked Hawaii thread you started. Yeah, when I went to go see Muse in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, my friends and I talked to their media manager Tom Kirk (we were by the soundboard and he usually works there). I gave him a Hawaii flag, a lei and other local goodies for the band, told him I was from Hawaii, and he said, "Oh, we're going there soon." So we'll see if they announce a Honolulu date; hopefully he didn't mean for a vacation! Another batch of U.S. dates are set to be announced "soon." Hopefully they make a stop between North America and Australia, where they're rumored to play in November. Looks like there's a two-week gap between dates so it's possible. We'll see.

  8. Good question! No idea, so thanks for adding me! :)

  9. Hey Brian! It was great to (briefly) meet you in Phoenix!

  10. Hey Ana! Naw, we were gonna go to eat at IHOP but we couldn't find it so we went back to the hotel and slept since we had to wake up early the next morning for Vegas. It was great meeting you, too! :)

  11. I wasn't planing to!

  12. Last night was crazy! Went to the gig a bit buzzed and we hung around the back - we decided we didn't want to deal with the queue stress from the day before. But it was probably the most fun I had at a Muse gig!

  13. Hey! Good to see you on here! :)

  14. I converted her. :) Yeah, didn't notice the balloons at the top either, though I knew they were gonna fall on the crowd!

  15. Hey! I was in the seats, so got a different vantage point last night, which was nice, actually. It's cool seeing the entire set from a distance, and the KeyArena actually isn't as big as the Toyota Center, so my sister and I weren't as far away as I thought we'd be. I'd say it was better than Houston in terms of the crowd energy in the pit (people were moving around a LOT, from what I saw), as well as the Microcuts riff, Ruled By Secrecy, and maybe the Star-Spangled Banner riff being thrown in to the mix. Plus I gave my sister her first live Muse experience and it was awesome seeing her react to the show. She was guessing beforehand what the towers would do and she even noticed the eyeball balloons at the top of the venue!

  16. The lei were made of wide, study ribbon that you'd use for wrapping Christmas presents. You fold each strip of ribbon a certain way to make each star. It was a pain to make each one but they came out looking nice!


    Yeah, I was pretty starstruck/stunned, to say the least! I was so shy and speechless, my goodness haha. I seemed more pre-occupied than shy. Hope you get the chance to meet Muse someday!

  17. Hey! My encounter with Matt was very brief. He was his hectic self, saying "thanks a lot, thanks a lot" real fast when I gave him the lei I made for him. All I said was "hi," "I made this lei for you" and "thank you" lol. Hopefully I'll get a second chance to have an actual conversation with him haha!

  18. Hey! Yeah I met Matt in December at the Vegas radio show gig. Lovely to meet you too! Glad you enjoyed the pizza! :)

  19. Welcome to the boards! Have you seen the thread you made in the New Users forum? Me and another Hawaii girl replied to it. :)

  20. Coachella! Have fun there. I would go if I wasn't already doing so much traveling this year (for work and for Muse!).

  21. RIGHT ON! You should meet up with us - I'll be with a bunch of people from the Phoenix/Vegas threads. There's a bunch of us who are flying in from Phoenix that morning.


    OMG... your birthday is on July 4, too?! :eek::awesome:

  22. Yeah, I wish the whole thing with my wallet never happened. I wasn't thinking straight with three hours of sleep and just being tired overall after the concert.


    "That's right, bitches - I lei'd Matt!" :LOL:


    Awww thank you! But I agree with you - Matt... *swoons some more* I've been sleeping with this picture. :chuckle:


    I don't venture in the PMT but they'd probably be jealous/have a field day with it!


    No, not a ton of fans hounding them, thankfully. After I lei'd him :chuckle: he let out his adorable/hilarious laugh, then took off for a bit. Then later, when I came back from my hotel room, I took that photo with him. It was hard to talk in there because the music was so loud, and I couldn't form words! All I said to him was, "Hi," "I made this lei for you" and "thank you." And I touched his right shoulder when we took that pic together lol.


    Maaaan, I wish there was a way for all fans to meet them! I seriously didn't think that would actually happen to me. :eek:

  23. :LOL:


    Another boardie actually took that pic. I freaked out when I noticed my wallet was missing, so I had to leave and asked security and look for it. It was in my hotel room. :mad:


    Yeah every time I tell someone the story of me giving him his lei, someone always makes that crack: "OH, so you "lei'd" Matt Bellamy eh? *nudge nudge wink wink*" Very amusing haha!




    This is my profile pic and desktop wallpaper. *swoon* Didn't get a chance to have a pwoper conversation with him, though. :( Maybe another time, hopefully!

  24. :LOL: A lei... it's a Hawaiian garland. Usually it's made of flowers and/or leaves, but I made one out of origami stars for Matt and gave it to him in Vegas. So yeah... I "lei'd" Matt. :LOL:



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