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  1. :LOL: "Team Building Exercise 1999!" Funny how he plays himself up for a two-minute event, hehe!
  2. :LOL: Yeah in Vegas at the afterparty! I was speechless. All I said to him was, "Hi," "I made this for you" (I made him an origami star lei), and "thanks." :facepalm:
  3. "Do You Want To" is cheese-tastic! :LOL: The beginning of that video is so clever!


    That's awesome! Did you go to that concert in Ferrara? I hope they stop by Hawaii too! Franz Ferdinand too! Or both of them if we're lucky!

  4. "Ich heiße Super Fantastisch!" :D


    Yeah, now I understand what you were saying early on about Alex. Not super-special as far as looks (but not bad either)... but he has that charisma.


    It was funny because I bought all of Muse's albums at the same time. The cashier at Borders was like, "So, you're just getting into Muse, huh? They have a new album out or something?" And I said I just got HAARP so I'm catching up.


    I guess that would make sense that Alex's prose would sound like FF lyrics. I either read or watched an interview of him explaining how he likes to start off with prose first, then whittle it down to lyrics.


    Here's the first story I saw on the tornado. They have a video on there too that's a bit surreal. http://kgmb9.com/main/content/view/14019/245/


    Thanks. I was gonna change it just now to a pic I found of Matt and Alex together (gasp!) but I guess I'll wait until the current one gets old. ;)

  5. *shares the gift of Matt* :LOL:


    A custom Muse-anything would be kick-ass!


    Haha, I recently converted my sister! I'll sometimes catch her listening to Muse and singing along in her room! :happy:


    I'm sorry to hear that your friends make fun of Muse. :( My sister's ex got a kick out of imitating Matt's falsetto one time in the car. Whether he was mocking them or enjoying them, I couldn't really tell.


    The interns at my full-time job only know Muse from either Twilight, Guitar Hero, or the new Watchmen trailer. (Or let's face it, me. :LOL:) One of my coworkers recognized Starlight and TIRO when I was playing my music the other day and said they were both good songs. *shrugs* But I'm relieved to know a few people at my weekend job that are into Muse.


    In other unrelated news, my neighbors are retards. Aerials. Nine days after New Year's Eve. Good job. Not.

  6. :D It's really no problem! I'm just happy to get to spread the Muse love with someone else who's just as enthusiastic about them as I am -- and someone else on this island, no less!


    How about Matt Bellamy in a gift box? That would be pretty epic! ;)

  7. :( *hugs* I'm not gonna ask... but I hope the problem gets resolved.


    Yeah, it's my Saturday job which I hope shouldn't be a problem. :)

  8. :( Hopefully you'll figure something out with the DVD! And it doesn't play when you open one of the video_ts folders with your computer's DVD player?


    I was seesawing between Franz and Muse phases the past few days but it looks like Franz has won out for now. Especially since I got their book An A-Z of Franz Ferdinand today, which looks like a nice chronicle of the band's history and pretty much all things Franz. I got it off Amazon at a reasonable price.


    BTW... looks like one of my employers has good taste in music. http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/gallery/ads/

  9. :LOL: A lei... it's a Hawaiian garland. Usually it's made of flowers and/or leaves, but I made one out of origami stars for Matt and gave it to him in Vegas. So yeah... I "lei'd" Matt. :LOL:



  10. :LOL: Here it is! http://twitter.com/glorificus5884


    She had a blog where she'd often talk about her unicorn, but the news station she works for recently merged with another station, so her blog (and everyone else's blogs that were on the original website) isn't up anymore. But she still posts pics on Twitter like this one: http://twitpic.com/f60po


    Mormon porn star. I see the irony there! :chuckle:

  11. :LOL: I just watched the Smosh Billy Mays videos! That first guy really did a good job with the impersonation which is probably why it's so hilarious that the second guy got another interview. Billy Mays has changed the game for infomercials! :p


    Yeah, that was one reason why I didn't get my license when I was in high school. There's so much BS hurdles you have to go through just for a license. The other big reason why I didn't get my license when I was in school was because I was so busy anyways.


    I love that performance of KoC! :yesey: I have it saved on my computer, in fact! Let me know if you want it.

  12. :LOL: I swear, every time I've told that story, someone's always like, "So, you 'lei'd' him, eh?" *nudge nudge wink wink* I was at a Christmas party for work exactly a week after Vegas, and I was telling the story of meeting him, and I kept using air quotes (with your fingers, you know?) every time I said I "lei'd" Matt Bellamy. And finally someone was like, "Stop with the air quotes! Just say it proudly: I gave him a quick lei (lay) and made him giggle!" :LOL::facepalm: Everyone laughed.


    I totally didn't even think of the innuendo with the lei because I just wanted to make a gift for them that I could wear/have an easy time carrying around throughout the course of that day, and I wanted to make them something that said "Hawaii" to it. But the innuendo is funny!


    Hey your birthday is two days after mine! :awesome:

  13. :LOL: Matt does have an "oooh" expression in that pic! Nick looks bored or even a bit upset. :(


    Speaking of an upset Nick... Did you know that FF was supposed to be in the one of the Harry Potter movies as a gang of witches? I'm not familiar with Harry Potter at all, but I happened across a few old news articles during a Google search for Franz Ferdinand posters (I know, random). Here's one of the articles I found. They couldn't do it, though, because of scheduling conflicts and possibly (according to that link anyway) Alex and Nick got into a fight or something. It's so funny because you wouldn't want to think of band members in any of your favorite bands in a fight, especially if they don't give off that sort of persona, but we are all human. :yesey: Especially when you spend that much time around the same people, like having roommates.


    Anyways, hope you enjoy your Valentines Day and three-day weekend. I don't have an S.O. to celebrate the former with, but I have the day off tomorrow from my Apple job, and will be having lunch with a good friend from high school. :)

  14. :LOL:


    Another boardie actually took that pic. I freaked out when I noticed my wallet was missing, so I had to leave and asked security and look for it. It was in my hotel room. :mad:


    Yeah every time I tell someone the story of me giving him his lei, someone always makes that crack: "OH, so you "lei'd" Matt Bellamy eh? *nudge nudge wink wink*" Very amusing haha!




    This is my profile pic and desktop wallpaper. *swoon* Didn't get a chance to have a pwoper conversation with him, though. :( Maybe another time, hopefully!

  15. :LOL:


    Belated birthday party in London! :party:

  16. :LOL:


    I only have a few Radiohead songs in my library. Do you?

  17. :)


    I actually already called her twice and she hasn't returned my phone calls. Grr. I was going to email her but I'd find it easier if we could talk it out.

  18. Ack I know! Sorry... it's been crazy at work and figuring out logistics for three different trips! Glad tomorrow's my day off. :D


    I'll be working at home this spring break since everyone else at the office went to a conference in Miami. I feel so left out. :( But at least I'm working at home and not having to deal with any coworkers or having to come into the office for a week.

  19. All right!!! Finally you got to meet someone else who's into Muse! When I started talking to you, and then found out two coworkers at my Apple job were into Muse, I had this euphoric feeling, like, yes, I'm not alone on this island in my Muse fandomness. Haha. Now get Scott to join Eventful and demand them to come here. :LOL:


    Btw, I'm thinking this is Scott's profile on the Begin Transmission site: http://begintransmission.afireinside.net/raine. I thought that was a neat idea for a fan contest; way to make use of YouTube. Congrats to him! That's so awesome he won -- some Hawaii representation!


    I just watched his contest and winner videos on there. His video entry is one of the better ones on there. It's cheesy, but you can tell it's intentional. A lot of the other submissions were talking heads, basically. With his winner video, I thought it was funny Davey Havok called him the day that storm was expected to arrive. Plus that video reminded me of when I called in to a radio station to win Jimmy Eat World tickets, when they came down here the first time. I was not expecting to win at all, and I did, but I also was not the type to scream and jump up and down about it, so the radio announcer was like, "Aren't you excited to win?" Hehe. I was more stunned and speechless. And the same thing happened when I got to meet the band. I can't remember what I said to them, I just remember feeling very happy.


    Oh, let me know if you want Franz's second album. :)

  20. Any kind of log sucks! Pilots in training also have to keep a log. And it's stupid because you could BS all those entries if you weren't an honest person! I remember people doing that for their reading logs in high school. :LOL:


    Okay, here's the V Fest download link! It's two videos with a short interview with Matt and Dom, KoC, Hysteria, and SMBH. Enjoy! http://files.me.com/libperalta/acbm86

  21. Audrey! Thank you so much for going through great lengths to meet up in Manila!


    Here's a set of photos I took while I was in the Philippines:


    And our pics of the two of us:

    Audrey and Me

    Audrey and Me at SM San Lazaro

  22. Aw. =( So does that mean we'll be seeing less of you on the boards because you're grounded? Or is it more not being able to go out?


    I know, I love how he talks! It's neat because it's not a straight Scottish accent because of his mixed heritage too.


    I love how he sounds on "Words So Leisured." :D

  23. By the looks of the announced dates (and a couple of rumored ones) so far, it looks like they'll be touring with U2 in the U.S. for the first part of autumn, then Europe for the second part. I predict they'll do their own U.S. tour in the spring.


    Here's a list of dates so far at Muselive: http://www.muselive.com/events.php?filter=incoming Do you visit Muselive? I think they do a better job of keeping up with Muse news than the official site. :happy:

  24. Congrats on starting drivers ed! :happy:


    *adds Kapranos to the "bring back to Hawaii" list*


    That's cool you alter your shirts. I know if I tried doing that, I'd mess the whole thing up.

  25. Damn. The thing that sucks is that you can't even watch it in peace when you burned it on DVD! And you can't watch the DVD you burned on your computer? I'm sorry I can't help much because I'm not familiar with DVD burning software for the PC.


    The iPod versions of the Muse vids I sent you worked though, right? I'm trying to do the same with the RAH DVD right now, and it looks like it's converting. I can send you a download link to it. I'm already converting it, might as well. :p


    I understand what you mean about the Franz boredom. I guess that's what happens when you start listening to an album before it comes out eh? Haha. But thanks a ton for tipping me off to download Tonight... it's all your fault! :LOL: I just wish I got into them when I got their first album. I don't know why I didn't; it's a good album. But better late than never.


    The book is so loaded with Franz facts! It's I like how it's organized; each chapter is dedicated to a particular topic, like one on music videos, one on album art, one on bios of each of the band members, that sort of thing. And it's a coffee table book, so lots of photos as well as reading material. You should add it to your wish list!


    Thanks, my av cracks me up!


    I have yet to see the iPod ad on TV. I'll be tuning in to "Lost" tonight, so maybe I'll see it!

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