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  1. I think you mean presumptuous, but regardless I didn't actually make the poll. I started this thread and it was moved into the Resistance subcategory and turned into a poll. I think it's kind of a lame poll, though if you really love it I suppose I won't try to persuade you otherwise. That said OVER 2000 POSTS AND 50,000 VIEWS CONGRATS EVERYONE WE DID IT
  2. I think something's amiss. Exo-Politics has garnered 6 votes, almost one third of its total, in the last two or three hours. That's a lot of support for a song that is not all too well-loved.
  3. Yeah, which is why I provided my interpretation a few posts back. I think this discussion is starting to get kinda futile though for that very reason. Pop music's just a lot like porn: it's hard to define exactly, but you know it when you see (hear) it.
  4. Okay, I see what you meant there, but I maintain that MK Ultra's riff is "simpler." By Muse convention, yes, the large intervals and added half-steps in Unnatural Selection's riff are nothing new, but I feel like MK Ultra's melody is just sort of an uninteresting scale exercise. And certainly if you think Unnatural Selection's riff is simple, you'll think that MK Ultra's outro riff is more so. Of course none of this is bad per se; I'm just sticking to my assertion that Unnatural Selection is a more complex and inherently less "poppy" song than MK Ultra.
  5. I don't believe there's anything especially "raw and unorthodox" about MK Ultra, and I would contend that being able to jam along to a song is purely a measure of how much you enjoy a song, not whether or not it has a pop sound to it. Rock, I profess, can be catchy.
  6. Omg, I love your nickname. It's quite funny! :awesome:

  7. I feel the same. I didn't like it at first, but I really like the solo, and I think that Matt belts the vocals enough to carry the song along. Anyone else's vocals and anyone else's solo would have left me pretty disappointed.
  8. I see your point but I think it's not fair to judge how poppy the songs are based just on their song structure and how catchy they are. I think of pop music as, at its core, music that's very agreeable because it doesn't take many risks. I consider MK Ultra more poppy than Unnatural Selection because it's so straight. There's very little interesting syncopation in the song, save for the "Breaking through" part, which is the only part of the song that really does anything for me. The intro riff is a pretty unremarkable scale climb that is, admittedly, spiced up by an interesting tone. I must say I think the outro riff is a bit overrated though, especially for how it's used; I feel it doesn't really jive well with the rest of the song, but I suppose that has little to do with the poppiness of it all. The whole of the song is very, very melodic, save for perhaps, again, the "Breaking through" part. Even the outro riff is devoid of the usual random Muse semitones, save of course for the climbing notes at the end of the measures. Unnatural Selection, meanwhile, is, relative to MK Ultra, very dissonant. For examples of that I would point to the chorus, which uses a lot of semitones that aren't in the song's key of G minor, and of course loads and loads of the harmonic minor scale, which is pretty standard for Muse. Also, the song's solo during the slower interlude is also certainly more dissonant than any of MK Ultra's riffs. Given that interlude, I would also argue that the style of Unnatural Selection is also not as poppy as that of MK Ultra, at least as per your definition. As far as having a chorus goes, I would call the "Breaking through" bit a chorus, with the preceding bars a pre-chorus; its style is actually a bit similar to Starlight's in that way, wherein the "Our hopes and expectations" bit built from a slower break to a rock element in the song. Of course Starlight was sans riff, among other differences, but stylistically the two songs are comparable. I think they're both good songs on the whole, but more poppy than MK Ultra, Unnatural Selection is not. THAT SAID, I absolutely agree with your sentiment that Muse are not exclusively a rock band; I mean, they've produced very "poppy" music, so by nature they've got some pop to them. I would add though that it's not a crime to pine for music that is not, as we've put it, poppy. It's not a dirty word, but then neither is "quaff," and I don't like the way that sounds either.
  9. I'ma go ahead and ask you to elaborate on that. I would argue that Unnatural Selection is not, in fact, "poppier" than MK Ultra, but I imagine that's because we have different definitions of "poppy," especially given that list of songs you provided. That said, what do you mean by "poppy"?
  10. My ranking would be as follows: Absolution-Origin of Symmetry Showbiz BHaR Resistance Absolution's probably their most solid album--the engineering and balance is all there, it flows well, and captures all of the elements that I think most of us associate with Muse. There were fantastic B-Sides to boot. Origin of Symmetry is a snapshot of Muse's most chaotic I think, but it's a wonderful chaos. It could probably have done without "Feeling Good," though I'd same the same of "Endlessly" in Absolution. I don't like the full spread of Showbiz, but it has some pretty high highs. I can say unabashedly that I would rather listen to the last 30 seconds of "Cave" on repeat than most of the songs off of the last two albums. Black Holes and Revelations had too many weak points, though "Knights of Cydonia" and "Take a Bow" were welcome additions to the Muse Hall o' Fame, and I thought the engineering remained solid at the very least. I feel Resistance is their weakest album--it lacks punch, and I feel like the gut of the Muse beast has been eviscerated, leaving behind a shell of the Muse of the last 10 years, sprinkled with synths and clarinet solos. I'll admit I like "Unnatural Selection" and "United States of Eurasia," and "Guiding Light" is growing on me a bit, but I'd rather see them head in a different direction next.
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