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  1. so i rocked up at like 4, waiting for AGES for the doors to open and making sure i'd get a good spot - which i did. and then out of the blue, waiting sitting out the front of the arena, fucking Dom, Matt and Chris ..and some other bloke rode past everyone on bicycles, into the Arena. it was so bloody random and cool hahaha anyway when muse finally kicked off and the area of the GA that i was in was fucking intense. Citizen Erased was AMAZING - as was sunburn, and i also really enjoyed the Helsinki Jam. that was rockin'! The riffage at the end off stockholm was fucking great - and AGITATED!!@$R#Q%Q#*TN{QN#$ the set was quite a bit more fun than when i saw them in Anaheim a couple of months back. And, if that guy James i met reads this, hi im will. your were cool ahaahah
  2. What on earth is Jack White using here..? at 2:29 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrieQnYiOhc
  3. wow im so excited now! I missed Muse when they came to Australia for Big Day Out, and by the best stroke of luck, this date happened to be when I was going to be holidaying in America!
  4. np dude


    thx for joining my group! :happy:

  5. hey hows it goin? thanks for the add!

  6. Yeah yeah not bad, how about you? Yeah I say they won't be that good again next year :p not experienced enough - no strong forwards. But hopefully not wooden spooners again eh? :)

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