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  1. Oh man.. you beat my picture of me with it! How good does the copper bomber feel though? Reminds me of the difference between the Ibanez S series compared to the RG series (compared to the standard MB shape). Would have loved to take it home!
  2. Don't think so. When I walked back in the store from the workshop, Hugh stopped me and asked if I saw anything green in the workshop. And he said he was worried because he wasn't sure if he put it away.. apparently it was hanging somewhere there!
  3. Yeah, its in the works now (where the old store used to be). Basically what Hugh told me was that the "green" thing needed at least a couple of months to really work - but once the technology is refined "all guitarists will use it"...
  4. Haven't posted on this side of the forum in years... Basically I'm from Australia, and because my girlfriend is currently living in Exeter - I got to visit her (and also go to the store itself). Something I've been wanting to do for about 6 or 7 years... Got to meet Hugh and Tim, had a great chat about the guitars (didn't find anything about the secret guitar.. Hugh said something about it being "Green" and if I got photos of it I would have to delete them...) The M1D1 lives in a case in the workshop! Got to hold it and the original copper bomber.
  5. That's how I view the album.. The good songs are excellent - some of Muse's best since BHaR. But the bad songs... man... Aftermath could have been an awesome bluesey jam if it wasn't for the cheese and Revolt is just so ridiculous I can't believe it's Muse
  6. After a week or so of listening to the album.. I love dead inside I skip Psycho. It's too long and boring. (Mutt that was a terrible decision - Muse were right in keeping it short) Mercy is okay but I'll still listen to it for now Reapers is pretty fun still. The Handler is by far the standout on the album and will probably be the one song that I'll listen to/not skip in a few months time. Defector is ok, just can't stand the vocals in the verses Revolt - no Aftermath - it has grown on me but towards the end the cheese is just too real. Chris really gives the song a good atmosphere. The Globalist - not muse's best. Wasted potential imo. Drones- cool concept but lyrics are laughable. I'm just wondering what the album would have turned out to be if Mutt didn't influence it too much - what would Muse come up with on their own? Their best music was made with a producer - Costey and Leckie both producing the best albums. Would love if their next album was written with them - maybe giving Matt a bit of a slap in the face to remind him that he used to be a much stronger songwriter. That's not saying that I don't like Drones though. Miles ahead of T2L for me - I haven't even listened to that album the release in 2012. I can see myself actually listening to this in the future.
  7. If we can have more songs like the Handler I'd be happy for many new albums. But we're not. We got The Handler this album, Animals last album, and MK Ultra (and debatably exogenesis) during TR. People who want old Muse sadly aren't gonna get lots of it, or any for that matter. Unless someone slaps Matt in the face and tells him to look at the decrease in quality these past few albums - nothing is going to happen. And nothing will.
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