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  1. I'm afraid as you've no doubt noticed I can't work out many things on guitar to save my life! Sometimes I randomly work things out like the later improv bit of Uno in Hullabaloo but usually I'm pretty useless. Thanks for tabbing out the bit I needed Plex. I also can't use the quote function very well
  2. Anyone know 1:28 - 1:40 This is just the Hullabaloo clip of Uno but this was played often when Uno was played live. I've never found tabs for it so any help would be appreciated, cheers!
  3. New Born Citizen Erased Sunburn Knights of Cydonia Hate This and I'll Love You
  4. Anyone tabbed out Falling With The Crowd, there is a partial tab on MuseWiki but not a full one and I'm pretty bad at working stuff out!
  5. Absolutely fantastic gig! They were all so active and played a great setlist that should please old fans and new ones alike (I have been a fan since OoS) The first time I have seen them even though they are my favourite band, phenominal light show as well and great Plug in Baby balloons. Best songs in my opinion were probably Plug in Baby and Resistance and even Undisclosed Desires that I usually dislike was good It is a pity I was standing causing some disturbances with people bashing through everyone and that Overture was a tad disappointing but a great gig that I won't forget nontheless
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