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  1. vote for what? where lol?

    damn? lol

    its pendas birthday so a load of us from work are going


  2. ooh right i see.

    lol i didnt go. was wayyyyyyyyy too tired after work XD

    going bowling tomorrow though :)


  3. bill did? who is bill?

    lol well done.yeah you probs did

    nice dinner?


  4. oh frankestien girl? hoep she took pics?

    lol who bought you that?

    and okies :) xx

  5. lmao yeah i know she did.

    and how did jade look freaky? didnt a load of them go as the scooby gang?

    you do?awh, you have learnt a valuble lesson then.

  6. lmao, really? who is toomy?

    was it a good nght then?

  7. what was that last comment all about scott?

  8. GAY! TELL ME!

    iv done 600

    that'll do

    see ya tomorrow :)

  9. well, i didnt expect you to hang around if muse wernt going...

    how many words have you written for english?x

  10. dan livermore.

    really? oh i thought it wasnt.

    haha hopefully.

    dunno if im going tbh.

    dont like tents lmao.


  11. going to say, youve met dan havnt you?

    lol, yeah i know.

    V festival wasnt sold out though.


  12. haha yes dan. yeah he would. no gerard way has ruined his voice too much. and like you said, matt is a much more talented musician.x

  13. LOL 'a young woman'

    cor that song is good. yeah hes got a well good voice like.x

  14. yeah that will be hard to do. my brother did that for green day.he has all their stuff.

    see, even their early songs are good. they are perfect! lol. and all their stuff is like really dramtic too.

  15. hmmm no, i dunno what it is about muse.

    all their songs are...i dunno, perfect :|

  16. NOOOO!


    oh, its ok. i like the streets though. and they stole the riff

    what did you think of it?

  17. i havnt

    what lesson is it?please tell me its fourth

  18. yeah i know wat you mean.

    what lesson is english?

  19. lol hello!

    im online

    save your credit

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