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  1. Woah, woah, woah...petal. Calm down, not once did I say I wanted a friendship with you, it's laughable to even suggest that, and that wasn't my goal here.



    Your comment on down the line, why is it ALWAYS what you want, always what you need and on your time, it's pathetic and highly immature, it was like that throughout the relationship and has continued on afterwards.


    As for being in love with you still, please don't kid yourself, I said I still 'love you' as you claimed you did me, I wouldn't date you, that's for sure, you're too self absorbed and immature for that, I've told you that previously. Hell I considered walking out on you in August, as many know, I wish I did, you weren't worth the stress you out me through towards the end, or all the effort of coming over during a busy time. And truthfully as so many told me, I did deserve better than you.


    The simply fact that you can say just how over things you are, even if your actions state otherwise, just shows me that you didn't care as much as you've said. Of course you needed me, lets be honest when we dated you didn't have much, no close friends, nothing else going on; yet you've found friends probably other love interests (it really wouldn't surprise me :rolleyes:) and you simply dropped me, I said that could happen, you denied it, look how right I was, or maybe you just lied again. Who the hell knows. You've overlooked just how serious we were, how much we cared and did have, we talked about a future ffs, yet now you see me probably not only as any other ex, but as someone you dislike and wish you never dated. It's ridiculous and highly inhumane for anyone to be like that, unless you really are that immature to allow things said during a highly emotional breakup to tarnish everything and to rule everything and anything out, before lying about it to others. Or as I say that was a lie you lived and you never truly cared.


    You dragged someone half way across the world just to fuck things over, to let him go, one day I hope you'll be ashamed of your actions, how you treated me that week and how you have been to me since we split, doing everything to rub it in my face, to show you don't care, making suggestive posts to Mel and whoever else, just weeks after we split up and were trying to work things out still. Lying about how you wanted things to work out in the future. Also one day maybe you'll realise that what we did have was special, special enough for two people who previously weren't interested to talk about marriage and futures, to go great lengths for each other. We weren't and aren't just any other ex Steph, and you'll realise that in time, when you think of all we shared, all we had and the bond that brought us so close. Either way that will take time, but when it happens I just hope you find it in you to finally apologise to me and swallow your pride, as you did your own friend Alex. Until then though, I hope you can get over your personal issues and whatever else bothers you from time to time, those that cost you great friends and loved ones and I hope it helps you mature into someone that doesn't run away and give up on people and everything else and actually face problems and attempt to get over them.


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