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  1. Hey I'm new! You've prob got asked this alot now but I'm interested in how people get these Mattocaster Guitars and was wondering if you could send me some info please. I have a Squirer by Fender OBEY Propaganda tele & was thinking what custom specs could be added to it (all the usually manson spec really) Get in touch when your not busy!

  2. Also as well could you quote me a price on a M1D1 replica with a KAOSS pad please? Btw saw your vids on youtube...amazing!

  3. Hey Adrianna, if you can send brutal my love lol! She wont talk to me (think she wants to eat me!!!)

  4. Hey I don't suppose you heard Neutron Star Collision yet have you?

  5. Ha really busy lol! Preparations for uni and the usual student stuff! Don't seems to have time to sit still lol! x U??

  6. Either Exeter or Plymouth to study Eng Creative Writing or Journalism! What was it like when you first started?? What you studying btw?? x

  7. ha you said it! Yeah hit that busy patch where you do nothing but study! Erm sounds like Uni is fun though? Ha you on myspace?? x

  8. Hey it's been a long time since we last spoke! How are things in your part of the world, did you have a cool christmas?? Don't worry about the guitar because I am still interested, just severely short of fund at the moment. Have a good New Year :)

  9. Wow so much has happened and so much to look forward to for 2010! Have you been keeping yourself busy recently as well?

  10. Hi long time no speak. How are things? Did you get that tattoo in the end? :)

  11. Hey sorry I haven't been in touch in ages!!! Did you have a good christmas/NYE?? Get any cool presents... how is life in 2009 treating you?? :p xx

  12. Hey have you seen Muse live at all?? xx

  13. Hey! Its your birthday real soon!!! :D x

  14. Hey I'm having problems with my email just send any info here for a while. By the way can you make an Emex Londaxe (like one of Matt Bellamy's) They are soooo rare!

  15. Can you give me a little more info on paypal when your not busy pls??

  16. Hey How are you?? I envy your YMCA boat lol! :p x

  17. Ah what sort of tattoo are you going to have done? I'm planning an epic Euro Muse trip and eagerly awaiting the Wembley show!

  18. Hey hows things? x

  19. ha that actually sounds pretty cool. Like this tee shirt? http://www.thegreenhead.com/imgs/octopus-t-shirt-1.jpg

  20. wild turkeys be chosen

  21. Hi I'm new! Loving your interests lol :) Would you like a coconut flavoured liquorish jelly bean... Just thought I'd ask :D

  22. God school work is tough lol! Is it easier in Uni or would you say harder??

  23. Hey how are you again?? what you been up to lately?? xx

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