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  1. You may call me..... Mr Orange :D for now!!!

  2. You ok Em? Haven't spoke in a while so was curious what you have been up to?? I made a film for media if you wanna see it? x

  3. You rock seriously! Hope I bump into ppl like you when Im finally lucky to see Muse live! Have you ever heard any real early Muse stuff?? xx

  4. Your welcome lol! Yeah I'm kinda hoping MUSE headline next years Reading Festival coz my friend got pre-sale tickets lol! Be nice to finally see them live!!! x :p

  5. Yup Also I love love love Hot Fuzz, SOTD or any other Nick Frost Simon Pegg colaboration lol one of my favs!!! :D

  6. YUP its gonna be awesome!!! I hope they play some rare b sides like Easily or the Groove, I love those songs! You?

  7. Большое спасибо, За Ваше здоровье! Someone looking forward to their birthday?? ;) xx

  8. Каковы магазины как в Москве? xx

  9. Меня зовут Скотт!!! Hows that?? x

  10. Привет снова мой прекрасный российский друг, я надеюсь, что Вы имели замечательного Валентайн! I hope you can read this lol! xx

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