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  1. Hey do you have myspace?? I'm trying to keep in touch with everyone that way! xx

  2. Oh I saw it on your profile! Nah I'm a 360 man but would love a PS3 for games like that and MGS4!!! Love MGS series ever since the first on Playstation years back!!!

  3. Sounds like a cool Place I'd like to visit sometime. You're not from the Hague?? Where bouts near it do you live?? What are you doing in Holland then job wise?? x

  4. Things are good, looking forward to christmas... then the exams lol! I don't think your missing much in england at the minute tho! ;) x

  5. They are seriously cool! Alongside //matt (who is seriously cool) and red hair (which also seriously cool) luv red hair xx

  6. Call of Duty 5 Nazi Zombies! need I say more lol??

  7. Hey sorry I haven't been around much to talk, but I am so excited about the Resistance. I simply love USoE it's EPIC!!! and Uprsising sounds so cool (but I hope Matt doesn't rap!)

  8. I hope Muse headline Reading 09 coz Iv got tickets :D (I might actually be able to see them live!!!) xx

  9. same its all fucking work and no play all for uni I suppose tho eh?? :) xx

  10. Hey Im gonna get some of that dye stuff you reccomended! Can you buy any of it?? x

  11. Cool! I'm getting my tatoo done as well this week so I will upload the pics!!! How much did your Muse one cost?? xx

  12. Im getting 7 red & black stars on my right arm! Er I would show you some pics on the web but I don't know how to send them to you! Some nautical stars and other cool patterns not sure how much it will cost tho! :p;) xx

  13. Deffo! I'm gonna take up with several shops to see if I can work out an average price! Yeah cheap isn't always cheerful! Your tattoo looks amazing tho!!! I'm heading off so I'll speak to ya laters... bye:kiss: x x x

  14. Yeah need a few more pics... and a haircut lol! I want to get ahold of some red hair dye (like yours) then Im having my old Hullabaloo hairstyle again!!! xx

  15. Hey where did you get the red hair dye?? I want it now lol! Ive updated my profile btw x

  16. Hows things in Holland?? U not homesick?? I'm planning on travelling before Uni so I might just have to see the Hague lol! x

  17. Hey I'm new!!! Do you like coconut flavoured liquorish jelly beans?? (Just thought I'd ask btw love love love the hair!)

  18. Hey Have you got Resistance 2 yet on PS3??

  19. Hey finally caught you online! How you been?? x

  20. NO :( not only did tickets sell out really fast but I am going to be in portugal with someone for a few months...but I will see them there! You got any tickets? x

  21. I.m pissed that there is not enough UK tho.... and they are all oop north! :( x

  22. Lol well the venues are all up there apart from London...still doesnt matter they sold out so fucking quick. More UK dates soon I hope!!!1

  23. Do you know how to get hold of some of that stuff?? I'm thinkin of getting it done soon ;) xx

  24. Bah I should keep in touch more...my bad, how are you these days? Did you enjoy your Bday?? :D x

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