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  1. No they are doing the american leg of the tour, I shall wait for the European gigs!

  2. Have you heard the Muse cover of Prague yet? I quite like it as a darker eerie version :D

  3. Hey are you not on myspace?

  4. Ah you know with matt that it goes WAY deep with all the political ties and conspiracy theories...there is probably something cool behind the tower idea but all I know is that they are platforms for their awesomeness! Not long now eh?

  5. I was pretty annoyed to discover that Muse didn't win the Brit award...that sucks as it isn't open to the general public! :( You should vote for them on here: http://www.nme.com/awardsvote ;)

  6. It must be close until you see Muse now? If you get to the show really early the barrier is the place to be! Those towers...need I say more?

  7. It was very nice, classical music to me is very inspiring to play sometimes. I wouldn't mind hearing a full on Muse classical Album! :)

  8. I just noticed you like Glasvegas as well! There are so many cool bands from the UK that I think you probably like already. Do you have a favourite song by them?

  9. Bah that sucks, is that because you have many to send> :D

  10. Hey you should get people in Russia to get Kasabian to come play for you:P They are a really cool live band so I think you deserve to see them too! :D Ha I wouldn't mind seeing the photos of you doing all the tourist stuff in London :D

  11. It's an awesome pic! The man, the hair, the legend :D

  12. Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and good ol' Blighty as well! I wanted to see the shows in Japan but they sold out soo quick :( x

  13. I learnt LSF, Underdog, Empire, Shoot the runner and Vlad the impaler (which I love the video for). Do you still have the same number from when you were in London?

  14. Hey I've been busy recording some more stuff! I wanted to have a go at doing Exo-Genesis stuff soon. :D Have you been busy with exams and study?

  15. I be heading to Wembley this year as well! I am planning a massive tour of Europe soon as I want to see them as much as possible. Are you staying in London for Wembley? x

  16. Hey I do and I would like to see some London photos :D I have been learning Kasabian on guitar!

  17. I can't wait too see them, I don't have to miss any school for Muse though ;) I'm available whenever they need me! It took me so long to see them in UK as they are so huge over here, literally Muse tickets sell in minutes!

  18. I've been keeping myself very busy lately but my bad for not keeping in touch! Saving for the Muse Euro tour ha I take it you are doing exactly the same? ;) x

  19. Ah don't be sad, You know that the Union flag is awesome ;) Did you take many pictures in London?

  20. I hope you had a very nice time in London eventually. Did you buy any nice things whilst you were there? :)

  21. Hey how did those exams go? I hope you did great :)

  22. Want to come to my next gig Hayley?? :D

  23. Hey have you been very busy these last few days? Are you going to see Muse on this tour soon?

  24. Rock in Rio!!! :D I can't wait to see them again, I mean it took me NINE (yes nine) years to finally see them! I wish I could have seem them in the early Showbiz/OoS days when he had the crazy hair!

  25. I think Muse were spot on with that! Seriously I saw Muse at O2 Arena and the Teignmouth show but the Lisbon gig was and always will be a special gig to me. I have lots of amazing videos from that night on my YouTube page! Check them out :Dhttp://www.youtube.com/user/emexlondaxe78

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