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  1. lol Rockumentary ^^ should use muse as band....that be sweet!

  2. Oldies is goldies lol! I wish I could get my hands on some of these tracks, I think that someone made a downloadable copy of the Muse Demo cassette. Mind you the cassette itself would do nicely lol! Is the Budstock version the blurry vid on youtube when Matt had long hair?? x

  3. Hey, How are you again?? I haven't spoken to you in a long time! I start filming my documentary soon!!!! Hows things?? xx

  4. No.... Every UK gig possible (Dublin too) as I have missed to much already! Gonna go see them in Portugal too! :D can't wait

  5. There is an open day at Exeter Uni soon, me & some friends are going lol! x

  6. You rock seriously! Hope I bump into ppl like you when Im finally lucky to see Muse live! Have you ever heard any real early Muse stuff?? xx

  7. Hey how are you?? Looking forward to christmas yet?? x

  8. Hello again Steph... have you been busy on your Gap year?? I plan to take one before I go to uni as well! xx

  9. Holy shit! Is that you with Matt Bellamy?? Wow what was he like??

  10. Hey I see you play an instrument and do art, that's pretty cool! Do you play any Muse stuff?

  11. Yeah but I stumbled across their old stuff via youtube, y'mean like when Matt's voice was all squeaky lo?? Falling in with the crowd is my fav :D xx

  12. Hey how you been since we last chat?? do you have anymore photos of you?? x

  13. Cheers man it's a eal shame I only discovered these guitars about 4 years ago because they are so rare!!! Wonder why the guitar never took off??

  14. I'm making another film :D whoop¬¬¬¬

  15. Hello got any plans to see muse live this year?? I MUST see them soon! I hate not being able to get tickets....every year!

  16. Hi read your profile! What can I say... I like lol! Are you like a Muse superfan?? x

  17. I'm loving that muse collection you've got there, where did you get random 1-8?? Btw do you like coconut flavoured liquorish jelly beans? :D

  18. Hiyas how you doing... Habe a good halloween?? x

  19. Well I went out that night to go to a few clubs and bars but got turned down coz I wasn't in costume lol so it sucked! The Hague?? Is that where you are?? I like a Dutch footy team from there :D xx

  20. Just chatting on here basically & found out her mate went to the Enter Shikari gig in Cambridge that I went to!! Small world lol! xx

  21. Aww man that sucks!!! You weren't working at woolies were you?? Sucks to be them right now!!!

  22. I haven't spoke to you in an absolute age! Hows things going in uni?? Looking forward to christmas yet?? xx

  23. I got these really random sweets from Japan last year and they basically had the weirdest flavours. Just thought I'd ask though :)! I have none left tho :(

  24. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and have a wicked New Year!!! x

  25. Hows life in Uni?? Can't wait til I go as well!!! Hey I've uploaded some new stuff on my albums xx

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