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  1. Hey how are things? Are you planning much for the Muse tour of America?

  2. Ha then maybe next time they will come to Portugal and play Take to the Skies (still my favourite Enter Shikari album). You should buy their albums :D

  3. Ah why are bands like mcfly and molly cirus at Rock in Rio? Clue is in the name of the festival! Maybe Muse should just play all day? :D

  4. Not bad then. Two years :) I always relate the word slum to third world countries. Funny I've only seen Muse 4 times since we have been friends...not nearly enough times!

  5. The Finale shall be Wembley Stadium :D

  6. Slums? in London ha! Not the word I would use :p I hope you want to come visit again though! :) x

  7. Sweet pea? Like affectionate :D Well I just like to have lots of knowledge on all things, so many people no nothing on political issues or issues which directly affect their lives! Ah do you have Top Shop in Russia then? x

  8. I have so many books! I love to read pretty much anything political or about conspiracy theories. I would say that my current favourite is Michael C Rupert and I'm reading Crossing The Rubicon. I didn't buy the top in the end because they didn't have it in a small for me :p Can you order things from Topman? x

  9. I'm looking into France but I am not sure if I should add it to my list yet, lots of Muse gigs to go to now¬ :D

  10. Ha I do shop there (a lot) :p I might buy that t-shirt tomorrow what do you think? So how was your birthday? Did you get any cool presents? x

  11. It's been very crazy for me as well! I am looking to travel Europe and see Muse as much as possible before University. New photos? :D x

  12. Happy Birthday Irene :D or

    С днем рождения I think is right. Hope your day is cool!

  13. I hear that Muse are to play yet another show in France :p Are you going to any gigs on this tour?

  14. I did like the sound of Xutos e Pontapes, the second link was really cool. So are they a big band then in Portugal? Ha the UK has so many bands I like, really good live bands as well...but for me Muse are always the best! ;)

  15. Ha sorry I meant were you going to more than one day of the show? I get the waiting to see muse though. Who is on before them?

  16. I want to get a ticket still but I am not sure if I should stay long. are you just going to see Muse?

  17. yeah I want to go but I am not sure about a place to stay yet. Not sure what to do :D I saw the awards on TV in the end!!!

  18. I don't have the link any more sorry it might be on the nme website. Ha the show was so cool, Chris didn't turn up though :(

  19. I kept in the know on the nme radio but nothing is on tv...yet ;) Did you know Matt smokes?

  20. Did you see the winners then of the NME awards? :D

  21. I have been buying NME and checking out the winners, did you see who won what? Btw nice new avatar? :D

  22. I was right at the front for the Teignmouth gig and it was simply amazing. Opera rock at its finest!

  23. So much snow in the UK it might actually resemble Russia :S

  24. Ha I do like it but I prefer Popcorn more, it is a killer to play mind you!

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