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  1. 7 should do it for the year I reckon :p Yourself? The price is worth it!

  2. A Clockwork Orange?? That film/book is awesome!!!! Love it x

  3. A code...You know how fast tickets sell out! I'd say it is worth the effort though entirely! That is what is keeping you busy then?

  4. A minha cabeça machuca! Necessito dormir :( xxx

  5. a video on youtube?? where can I see it?? xx

  6. A war documentary about Russia in Afghanistan! The song was by them! Don't you like them?

  7. Again I want to wish you luck for Friday... but can't find the words to express it in portuguese :( so anyways good luck!!! Penso sempre em voce :X

  8. Ah a bit busy going absolutely crazy? Forgiven...http://www.youtube.com/user/emexlondaxe78?feature=mhw5 see my videos on there! :p

  9. Ah cheers! :happy: I've gotta shoot off now crappy University/student stuff to do speak to ya laters!!! :kiss: xx

  10. ah cool times! Music is something that I enjoy too, a way of expression eh? :p What's new these days?

  11. Ah don't be sad, You know that the Union flag is awesome ;) Did you take many pictures in London?

  12. Ah hello there! Well first off do you like the Resistance>>

  13. Ah I am glad you liked them! I scored two goals that day!!! :)

  14. Ah I have to admit there are some bands on the line up I don't like (McFly) but it will be awesome to see Muse again! Thanks for the photo comment :D

  15. Ah i wish! Na I worked the whole day then went home and tried to write some more songs! I wasn't that bothered as I don't believe on the whole flowers n chocs thing...Poetry for the win!!! xxx

  16. Ah life is dull at the moment! I want to travel the world, see exotic places, meet new people... I need adventure Goddamnit! x

  17. Ah man seriously... I'm working my arse off to go Uni next year! The partying is slowly creeping back though (as the money slowly dries up!)

  18. Ah man so busy lol! Just want to find the quiet time to record another song!!!

  19. Ah man that blows! Coulda done with a few million pound myself lol! Is it going to some charity foundation?? x

  20. Ah Muito obrigada senhora :D

  21. Ah nice avatar there! Matt and his Hullabaloo hair!

  22. Ah nice picture I see! Yeah it's going good. I wanna do something like music journalism or write live reviews and go to gigs... that sort of stuff. At the same time I wanna do creative writing too lol! Ha I hope you can find the time to study and meet that special someone! xx

  23. Ah Portugal I know! I saw Muse in Nov at Lisbon, I like your country very much, it has some of the best fans! :D

  24. Ah really? I would like to know what it is that you have been talking about me? I find some Muse photos to upload soon for you :D

  25. Ah seriously cool! I want to learn to play that on piano!!! Maybe you could teach me some day lol!

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