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  1. :happy:Hey! How you been since we last chat?? My University thing has really been bugging me lately! xx

  2. :musesign:Hello again!!! Hows things?? xx :musesign:

  3. :musesign:Yeah but if they headline Reading Festival 2009 then I'm sorted lol! Too many people have gotten lucky more than once! NO FAIR :(

  4. :ohmy:Wow! I think you have sold me well! You should be a travel agent lol! I wouldnt mind visiting some time. I hope to visit Italy very soon though :D x

  5. :S my bad! Either way it rocks though!!! Just like my Japanese sweets... well until I ate them all lol! x

  6. !!! Musical evening went down a treat. Really enjoyed the live experience and managed to chuck in a few muse riffs!!! :D

  7. ... EPIC fail tbh I was leaning towards 17 neary. So what thats "8th grade in US" Ha how does it feel chatting to an old man? :D

  8. ............united :D the red army ftw!!!

  9. .....Muse will be awesome....THE RESISTANCE WILL BE EPIC you ok?

  10. " You love to hear this story again and again, about these young brothers from the city of Wind " I heard this in a song on the radio lol! Its about Chicago I think :p

  11. "...And your innocence, I will consume" lol What you been up to since we last spoke?? xx

  12. "flaucinaucinihilipilification" -its a long word lol! What sort of stuff do you do in Pshychology in the states?? x

  13. "I came for the love and all i got was this lously reply" lol is the t-shirt that I should be wearing right now ;)! Yeah that sounds great, got lots to tell bout my unhealthy obsessions with Muse (heck thats why we're here right??) xx

  14. "oфигенно"... lol! Is that because it is a slang word?? CKOTT жаль, что он не может говорить на русском языке! :p:LOL: XX

  15. *Not a bad picture either that you sent me :D

  16. *shocked* You don't know what a microkorg is?! Its a synth keyboard thingy with a vocoder lol ;) x Hey I thought you knew bout that sort of stuff didn't you?? xx

  17. *Well the finger I suppose :D

  18. //////i haven't heard anything yet but that would be so awesome if they did! Where did you hear this?? x

  19. /does anyone like the Muse vs streets song - Who knows who??

  20. /hello again Laura! Can I have the link for the remixes?? xxx

  21. 4??? and fair enough upper 6th! talk in my terms then :p brb gotta get food!

  22. 4chan lol! Er yeah I hope that thins aren't hectic when you move love but atleast you get to live in the capital! I'm saving my pennies so I can go to Italy for a couple of weeks lol! Might bump into matt lol! xx

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