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  1. Hey long time sorry! Have you been relaxing now?? I can't wait to get the album now I saw the tracklisting...pwoper mental names! x

  2. Hey man I saw one of your youtube vids other day! THIS IS SPARTA :D

  3. Wow the tour finally announced! Seriously I am going to see them this year....even going to see them in potugal! I wish I could have seen them in the showbiz days! :(

  4. I'm fine now actually just have to plan for the summer :D time for some nice resting x

  5. Yeah NYE was good for some eh?? Not me lol the place I wanted to party at was pre booked lol! Still there's always next year... HAPPY 2009¬ xx

  6. !!! Musical evening went down a treat. Really enjoyed the live experience and managed to chuck in a few muse riffs!!! :D

  7. 4chan lol! Er yeah I hope that thins aren't hectic when you move love but atleast you get to live in the capital! I'm saving my pennies so I can go to Italy for a couple of weeks lol! Might bump into matt lol! xx

  8. Hey don't worry Muse never make a bad song imo! Invinsible is a massive track that is sooo underrated (but then alot of their songs are by mainstream listeners, which really pissess me off)! If people really like Muse so much why hate it??

  9. Hey there, never seen you before but any Muse fan who likes Placebo, Franz and FF is pretty cool in my books! Looking forward to sept 14??

  10. Hello you met Mr Bellamy?? :D

  11. I think I am more excited because the build up has been so long! BHAR was 3 years ago. This year is the first time I finally get to see them live! What was your best gig?

  12. Torture missing out on soo many awesome shows....came so close to going to Wembley :( H.A.A.R.P sorted that out!

  13. I dunno do you think it is an attempt to be a little bit mainstream? I think there needs to be something more with this song. It's not going to be one of there most definitive songs that's for sure!

  14. Hello Matt! (if this is you or not) I read the article on MuseWiki on the whole qua@aol.com stuff! To be honest if I had known back then, I would have been one of the many thousands of people who tried to contact you (as I am now really) as well! Er if you are the real Matt (or someone who knows him well) would it be possible if I interview you, Chris and Dom sometime for my student Media company please?? I would love to find out the truth about the "globe incident" and other intriguing stories my mum's friend tells me (aparantly she was 'that' babysitter!) Although any response/info would be greatly appreciated! Please get back in touch even if it is just the once!

    btw I came across this on You Tube and it made my smile: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0aOXybM-ZzQ&feature=related

    Thanks for all those priceless moments and spectacular live shows (even though I've never been to them)

    A very ardent & passionate fan!


  15. Ok I don't want to become an annoying nuisance, but I'm just really curious to find out if this is THE MATT BELLAMY'S PROFILE or just a hoax that a fan set up?? It just seems odd that your join up date is 07-03-2003. I would expect that if you are the real Matt, then you are likely to be very busy most of the time so the chances of getting a reply would still be slim anyway! Does Dom & Chris visit this site/have their own profile page as well? I understand that you get this sort of thing from fans all the time so I imagine I'm not the first. I would just like to get the chance to somehow make contact with you, there is just so much I would love to ask you! It just really frustrating that a band that is basically my life, eludes me. I've never come close to seeing you live and I've known you since I very first saw New Born on TOTP! Mind you if your headlining Reading festival 2009 I'm sorted :)! Sorry for the ramble again!

    Take care!!!

  16. dude I want to see you at club revolution soon! You guys rocked!

  17. Hey I was in London the other day watchin FOB! In the O2 Arena, have you seen it?? I was so lost tho... it's a big place and the arena is amazing! xx

  18. Hey are you nearly ready for christmas??

  19. lol and I saw the ending to Void video where Matt throws the keyboard at you...took a btich to the knee but soldiered on until the task at hand was completed! :p

  20. Hey hows life in your part of the world Muse fan?? :p

  21. Hello again just been checking out some people's albums where they have met Muse (lucky gits) Btw do you Dom, Tom and Chris have knicknames for each other??

  22. Also don't suppose you could tell me the whereabouts of the copy of your Muse Demo cassette??

  23. Sept 14th is going to be an extra special time for someone? What do you think of Uprising?

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