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  1. ahah ok how you gonna send me a pic?

    me.....19 very soon!

  2. Ahaha he is not Matt Bellamy... but still good! Hey I saw thesecool vids on YouTube:



    cool eh?? xxx

  3. Awww I hate it when I keep doing that! Tao confuso :S


    Sinto saudades :( xxx

  4. Damn I missed you again lol! Sorry but yeah I hope all goes well for you Fri!! :p


  5. Ha did you see Pete throw for the Dodgers?


    *Possible error on the team

  6. Ha ha yes we have snow... Finally :D unfortunately school is still on so we don't really get time to enjoy it¬ Yeah that anthem is sooo cool though but not as cool as this

    if only Muse will do this! Imagine matt in his red suit on buckingham palace ;) xxx
  7. Ha yeah they will all want to be in my student film lol! :p Although you are speaking to a coveted film maker check this out page 17: http://www.huntingdontown.gov.uk/LatestNews/ATno42%20Final.pdf

    I bet the A listers will be begging to be in my next film! xx

  8. Happy Birthday Irene :D or

    С днем рождения I think is right. Hope your day is cool!

  9. Hello Matt! (if this is you or not) I read the article on MuseWiki on the whole qua@aol.com stuff! To be honest if I had known back then, I would have been one of the many thousands of people who tried to contact you (as I am now really) as well! Er if you are the real Matt (or someone who knows him well) would it be possible if I interview you, Chris and Dom sometime for my student Media company please?? I would love to find out the truth about the "globe incident" and other intriguing stories my mum's friend tells me (aparantly she was 'that' babysitter!) Although any response/info would be greatly appreciated! Please get back in touch even if it is just the once!

    btw I came across this on You Tube and it made my smile: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0aOXybM-ZzQ&feature=related

    Thanks for all those priceless moments and spectacular live shows (even though I've never been to them)

    A very ardent & passionate fan!


  10. Hello, that is ok. 2010 was a great year for Muse and me. I went to as many shows as I could including the night in Manchester and the double Wembley weekend!

    I don't think they will do much in terms of shows soon because of them wanting to make a new album.

    Fingers crossed! :)

  11. Here's a snippet: "A feeling of suspense, helplessness

    Alternating hope and despair, together

    But I’m hoping for an all time low

    Oh no not again...

    You can't resist the strain...

    I've lived through the pain

    Im not affraid to live this way anymore"

    ;) x

  12. Hey how you been lil girl :D na you good?

    Am very excitied about the new track lists on resistance

  13. Hey I'm good thanx! check it out on youtube see wot you think x


    Im not convinced tho
  14. Hi again how is the whole woolworths thing going for you?? Planning xmas now>>


  15. Hi I'm new! I've read your profile and you are seriously cool!!! I have a close freind who is staying in Germany for a year. I'm a Muse superfan as well by the way ;) I also speak German semi fluent as well hows this?

    Ich möchte Deutschland, besonders Aachen besuchen! Ich spiele Gitarre, Uhrenfilme und höre Musik ebenso zu! sorry if its bad I'm a bit rusty :( x

  16. Hi sorry for the late reply. Yes I'm a guitarist by trade but I can also play some piano and moderately on the bass! My love for Muse made me want to learn an instrument (and my love made me learn several). I love to play most Muse songs but I prefer to play my own stuff.

    Do you play any instrument? x

  17. I 'bought' the rights to my company names on sum american site lol! I make a wide variety of films heres a taster:

    Year Movie Role

    2007 An Interview with Davis Director

    2007 Sunset Boulevard (remake) Director, “Joe”

    2007 Film Noir Director

    2007 Walrus Man Director, “Sam”

    2007-08 I'm Pregnant Director, "pregnant man"

    I have a filmography that I'm trying to upload lol, all my fils are...different! x

  18. I don't know if you will know all of these: Enter Shikair, Fightstar, Gallows, You Me At Six oh and then there is reading festival!

    here :p
  19. I have muse videos and photos on Youtube!!!!

    see if you like! Sorry for late reply x
  20. I hear that you make manson replica guitars and was wondering if you could quote me prices on the following please:

    M1D1 replica with all the specs (KAOSS pad included)

    Silver Delorean Manson with all the specs

    Black Manson with all the specs

    Red Gliteratti Manson (without sprinkles lol)

    Please reply when your available!

  21. I just sat reading my muse tab books... so basicaly self taught. I can play songs like KoC all the way through but i remember when I first started out! Just play a muse song for a couple hours a day and you can nail it. This site is awesome for tabs http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/muse_tabs.htm

    hope this helps?? xx

  22. I know all about Muse expenses, I expect the Wembley tickets will be really expensive on ebay!

    I'm sure to be there in Rio :D I wish I could have been at the one in 2008 :(

  23. I love Neutron Star Collision, I don't care what other people say it is a really well constructed song. Sure the lyrics are a tad cheesy but I know Matt wrote it at the time he broke up with his girlfriend. Have you heard it in full yet?

    Ate-Logo :) x

  24. I thought you said you were good at english? :p


    Better learn it xx

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