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  1. Hey thanks for the comment! I want matt hair lol not scruff... still red is cool!

  2. haha yes I was! I was three rows back infront of Chris so my view was perfect :D A great way to experience a first ever Muse gig!

  3. Hey again long time no speak! Did you have a good Halloween?? x

  4. Then there is no better hair lol! Matt is only 5ft 7 as well hes like short for a man... no a rock god!

  5. Good thanks just a bit rushed with all the sudden work lol! Need a nice long break really! Have you heard much about the new Muse album and the supposed release?? I'll do some more digging and get back to you :p xx

  6. I'm seeing all these Matt Dom gay pics and I gotta say, poor Dommeh doesn't deserve it lol. I wonder how it all started??

  7. Im sorry please forgive me but its official... I love the Glitterati (I know, I know but Ijust love it too much!!!) I want one lol :D xx

  8. Wow there's way too many Muse fans in this world (in a good way)!!! Hi I'm sorta new lol! What's your fav Muse song at the min?? x

  9. Yeah totally love this song! I love this version: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvw_yyF5PuU xx

  10. Oops soz bout the missing l lol! Why do you hate the glitterati tho... sure its not his best guitar but? As for the hair totally agree (especially in the SMB video!) x

  11. Ta very much! The Muse gig was excellent and the new songs are amazing live!!! :D

  12. Quite simply USoE is AMAZING!!! I love it and I know it will be big! It sounds like Bohemian Rhapsody but yet original like a true Muse song!

  13. Hey you should take a picture of that seriously it sounds wicked! Your right about keeping it as well (afterall some will love it and others will loathe it!) Btw soz for late reply I was watching Enter Shikari in Cambridge the other night!!! :D x

  14. Mmm perhaps then I should remove it from my album lol! I see that its not very popular with some ! Im torn between liking it and hating it tho, I prefer the bomber manson tbh! x

  15. I want to wish you a merry Christmas and hope you have a wicked time!!! xx

  16. Hey again hows things in your life?? Any changes for 2009? xx

  17. Hey I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!!! :p:) xx

  18. Hey Have you ever been to Bray?? My parents friends are gonna visit there soon! :) Hows things btw?? xx

  19. You are a very lucky person! will you form a Musette tribute band in his honour?? x

  20. Hello again. I hope you are anticipating the new Muse album as much as I am!!! How have you been since we last chat?? xx

  21. Hey I hope you haven't miissed me lol? I have been busy making a film for my media company and trying to put it on You Tube but it won't let me! :( What you been upto? xx

  22. Hey again just doing some catching up with some people lol! How you been lately?? xx

  23. Ha same! struck down with man flu lol! Er trying to sort out stupid myspace and christmas shop!!! not long left now xx

  24. same and I cocked it up big time! put myself as a film maker lol! I have more pics to upload what about you?? x

  25. Hey Lily I'm new (well sort of)! Don't you like the Glitterati?? Matt should either go back to his red bliss hair or his hullabaloo spikes... What do you think?? :)

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