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  1. No way! I was in front of Chris on the friday 3 rows back, I had an awesome view! Wow did you have to fight off anyone to get the drumstick and how about the new songs?? :D

  2. Wow love your profile! What sort of British literature interests you?? x

  3. Hey Im new! How the hell did you get tickets for all those gigs (stupid question really)... I envy you lol! How was Marlay Park?? x

  4. Eh? do you not recognise the face lol! Like I said I'm new and making new friends before I shoot off to uni! :) x

  5. Ha well I want to travel as much as possible because I think while I'm young and free! Ok I'll do that for you >>

  6. Wembley Tickets!!! YEAH BOY :)

  7. Whoops I forgot to say who I was....but a communist photo is of me. Well I think so much more of the Resistance than most musers. I LOVE EVERY SONG BY MUSE (excusing the Who Knows Who Jam). My fav at the moment is Guiding light and Uprising!

  8. haha I wouldn't maybe a song like Agitated being brought back and Matt using a Destroyer so he just throw it into the crowd! Mind you I wouldn't complain if he threw one of his mansons at me!

  9. Hello again! It has been so long since we last spoke, how are things? Like the new Muse album?

  10. How you been since we last spoke?? Anything interesting happen in your life recently?? Btw I want to study journalism at Uni!!! xx

  11. Hello again how are you?? Jeez its been a very long time since we last chat!!! :) xx

  12. Anybody want a coconut flavoured liquorish jelly bean lol? Na seriously hows you?? x

  13. Hey sorry I havent spoke in ages!!! You must be looking forward to christmas now?? xx

  14. Hey where did you get that pic of Matt in the stripey green top?? x

  15. Hey do you like coconut flavoured liquorish jelly beans?? How have you been soooo lucky to go to all those gigs?

  16. Hey are you an Enter Shikari fan??

  17. :eek: Seriously! Yeah they're a amazing live band, with a huge UK following! See what you think of my vids (don't judge the band on my poor camera skills lol!) My You Tube channel is emexlondaxe78 x
  18. Was well gutted coz I missed the Uni open day in Exeter! So what you been up to since?? Have a good Halloween?? x

  19. Bah the Facebook link is naff! I tried but Just Debbie didn't narrow it down much :p

  20. Hey I'm new, well sort of! Did you manage to see muse live on bith nights of thier phenominal Wembley gig??

  21. Oh i meant both (damn you keybaord!!!) :)

  22. Hry did you see Muse in Teingmouth?? They were amazing!!!! How is things these days? x

  23. Ha but which one there are so many mansons?? SAME I got it pre ordered for me birthday! It kicks ass but I dunno what's on the USB yet. I'm from the birth place of one MB! :D

  24. Wow love the name and the hair! :) Hey I just had a holiday a few months back in Truro!!! Like the impressive muse collection by the way (trumps mine!) :o x

  25. Hey I hope you had a good birthday yesterday! Did you get up to much? :D

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