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  1. There's not much atmosphere LOL lol (terrible I know!) I would love to visit Malaysia coz my Great Grandad was based there during the war! Dunno bout Mars though doubt Muse will be playing a gig there anytime soon... I jst wanasee Muse sooooooo bad!

  2. Yeah I'm from the UK and yes Muse play like every year lol! I've been trying since 2001 to get tickets to see Muse live... so far this proves to be very hard to do! x

  3. Hey I'm def travelling before I go to uni! I want to see the world before I settle down! Hows things?? xx

  4. Hey again! I hope you are looking forward to the supposed release date of the new Muse album?? I heard sept but I hope they will be playing a few UK festivals this year!!!

  5. Hey Im sorry to hear lol Imiss cookies too! :( But its the price to pay for perfection... aparently! :p x

  6. Hey man happy birthday for yesterday :D you must be eagerly awaiting the resistance right?

  7. I know how it feels like! It took me till my 5th draft to finally get 4000 characters and its so hard to get it all in and make it sound good! As for Unis I pretty much chose them from all the perspectuses I got sent! :) x What you wan2 do at uni?? xx

  8. something that involves creative writing or journalism is the thing I'm aiming for! I love writing stories and have a pretty creative imagination! He thats how I managed to write my personal statement :) x btw I did a crap job on myspace page!!! x

  9. Hey just catchin up with a few ppl ;) What sort of things are you studying at the moment?? Just curious x

  10. Aww sorry to hear you have braces lol they are no fun at all :( my deepest sympathy lol x How you been btw?? xx

  11. I'm finishing my A levels then going uni! I'm 18 btw although I look about 12 lol! x

  12. :$ Ha thats coz I've managed to keep my youthful looks lol! I study Art, English Language, English Literature, Media and Sociology! I would love to be a journalist after Uni because I really want to travel the world and meet new and interesting people. Also I love creative writing and making short novels from time to time! Wbu?? xx
  13. Hey have a wonderful christmas Debbie!!! xx

  14. Haha wow I can see it's been a long time since I posted on here! I have been ok thanks, mostly rushed under with coursework but I have found some time to see the occasional gig and hang out with friends ooo check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiZDsaPzTN8 might be from the new album! xxx

  15. Damn can I ask how you came about meeting Muse?? What were they like & was Morgan cool?? I wish I could meet them all some day... some day *sighs and stares into space* :)

  16. Hey I've updated my profile!!! I've got a cool pair of white braces like Matt's too! x

  17. Hey thanks for the add friend (still jealous of you meeting Muse lol!) :D

  18. I did something similar in Art a while back! I did a b/w acrylic version of matt with his long, spikey hullabaloo hair lol! Thats my fav style x

  19. Yeah the usual! English and Art but at least they will be over soon & I can start relaxing again lol! I miss the holidays... the good ol' days! :p x

  20. omg its been absolutely ages since we last chat! How are you? seriously exams are over and now I am free! Can't wait to see Muse in Nov!!!! The Resistance is gonna be EPIC x

  21. Yeah Defo! I could sample different chocolates from around the world (I absolutely love chocolate!) and write about them lol! :D Yeah I'm on edexcel as well back here! Whats Malaysia like then?? xx

  22. Na I'm kinda new to this site! How cum you only like chocolate and ice cream not combined?? How are you btw?? x

  23. Well apart from listening to United States of Eurasia over and over, I have been enjoying the fine summer weather and saving for my gap year! I want the new album so bad it's unbelievable! Btw I'm on facebook now!

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