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  1. pff I had a good enough excuse...was at a Muse concert! That is now 3 in 3 months...not bad considering I had to wait 9 years to see them! Maybe they will play in Russian soon?

  2. hullo there! :) Things good?

  3. I am around for a chat really whenever! If you need help with your English, just ask me :D I am going to see Muse in 5 days so expect more photos! x

  4. Hey Muse tickets for Wembley, did you manage to get any at all?

  5. Wembley Tickets!!! YEAH BOY :)

  6. Ha it's not half bad a place to live, not the greatest weather but that is what a holiday is for. Ha Muse are by far the greatest UK band and that includes the greats!

  7. Same about the songs, I like every single song! I'm in the UK, which is probably why it took me 9 whole years to finally see Muse! :X

  8. Ha I love that lil emoticon thingy! Well you live in the states right? Does that make it mega hard to see Muse? Oh got a fav album/song?

  9. Ah well it took me 9 whole years to see my first ever Muse gig! Seaside rendezvous it was :D 2009. You got much of their songs?

  10. hi there! where have you been all this time? I have managed to see Muse twice since we last spoke. What do you get up to now? x

  11. Hi I saw the avatar and liked! :D seen muse live?

  12. Only wembley :( I did try for both though. Ha yeah it is that chat thingy, do you use it often? I hope you managed to get some tickets as well. :)

  13. Hi I added you on yahoo. x

  14. Check out the other videos I took on my page! :D
  15. I'm great thanks! Muse Wembley!!!!!!!! I have been to see them twice since we last spoke. The Teignmouth Weekend and the 12th Nov O2 Arena¬! It was so amazing to see the towers! I can't wait to see them again :D. What other sites do you use to talk on as well? Tell me how you have been. :) x

  16. I have muse videos and photos on Youtube!!!!

    see if you like! Sorry for late reply x
  17. Ah really? I would like to know what it is that you have been talking about me? I find some Muse photos to upload soon for you :D

  18. My phone died halfway through Uprising :( but check it out on You tube! So amazing x

  19. They played: Uprising, Resistance, Undisclosed, USoE, Guiding Light, Unnatural Selection and the Exo Genesis Part 1. Oh and the classics as well! Sorry although I was at the barrier my battery died halfway through Uprising! :( Youtube is a much better way to see

  20. Haha it is ok I am here now, I was in London for Muse gig so I have a good excuse! Best gig I have seen (to date). I can't wait to see the Horrors again when they support MUSE :D x

  21. Muse were Epic! Bring on the next show!!!!!! :D

  22. Yeah they only played Exo-Genesis part one (Overture) but man that was some performance! They had some crazy visuals and the stage was phenomenal, the set list was truly amazing also but I wanted to see some Muscle Museum :D Bring on the Muse tour!!!

  23. I was recording the whole gig on Fri from Uprising through to KoC BUT when I got home, I had discovered that my Dad had accidently recorded over that "Riff". It cuts out literally as the riff kicks in....man the view was epic!:(

  24. Again another inquisitive individual who resides in the UK. A friend once helped change my outlook on life forever, things are not always what they first seem to be. I'm finding that I am constantly opening new doors and discovering new things every day. I saw a few of those videos on Youtube. I found this useful
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