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  1. Good memories always. :) xx
  2. I hope you are having fun on your holidays. I have more pictures from my last trip to show you soon! :) xx

  3. I miss you gg! :p x

  4. Feliz Ano Novo! :)

  5. What shows did you attend? I am pleased Muse will be playing Reading Festival this year...It has been so overdue!

    I hope for some really old OoS songs also! You?

  6. Hello, I am fine thank you. 2010 was a pretty intense year. I saw my fair share of epic Muse concerts! I finally managed to see them at Wembley in September and they didn't fall below their usual interstellar standards!

  7. Hello, that is ok. 2010 was a great year for Muse and me. I went to as many shows as I could including the night in Manchester and the double Wembley weekend!

    I don't think they will do much in terms of shows soon because of them wanting to make a new album.

    Fingers crossed! :)

  8. Yes it is! Can you play it? I remember when I heard the first ever live version of Uprising in Teignmouth! Ah what I would give to be there again. :p x

  9. I play bass too, I used to play in a band a little while ago as a bassist. I'm not great but I can do the odd Muse song! I like the older Muse songs for bass. However, the guitar will always be my first love. :p x

  10. I'd really like to hear Uno live these days. I'm really into that song again! I love playing the bass to that song now.

    Who knows if Muse will bring it out of retirement! :D x

  11. Hello, it's been a very long time indeed. How are you doing these days? Have you been to any Muse concerts since we last spoke? x

  12. Hi, you have some really cool muse graphic work. :)

  13. Yes, I've actually recently learned to play it. I'd not learned many of the Showbiz songs before this week. I want to play Fillip someday. How are things in your part of the world? x

  14. I've decided that at the moment Falling Down is my favourite song to play. :)

  15. Hi sorry for the late reply. Yes I'm a guitarist by trade but I can also play some piano and moderately on the bass! My love for Muse made me want to learn an instrument (and my love made me learn several). I love to play most Muse songs but I prefer to play my own stuff.

    Do you play any instrument? x

  16. Aha so maybe you can put your language skills to good work and come open up a pub in the UK...only a traditional one that has the finest indie music! :)

  17. no photos but videos are better! Stade de Suisse ftw :Dhttp://www.youtube.com/user/emexlondaxe78

  18. I'm here :) ah miss me?

  19. *Not a bad picture either that you sent me :D

  20. I really like it, I think they did really well with this one!

  21. I trust you have heard the new muse song? Neutron Star Collision...what do you think of it? :) x

  22. Hey I don't suppose you heard Neutron Star Collision yet have you?

  23. I am liking Neutron Star Collision! :D

  24. Hi long time no speak, how have you been? Are you attending Rock in Rio? Oh have you heard the new Muse song?

  25. I love Neutron Star Collision, I don't care what other people say it is a really well constructed song. Sure the lyrics are a tad cheesy but I know Matt wrote it at the time he broke up with his girlfriend. Have you heard it in full yet?

    Ate-Logo :) x

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