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  1. Hi there, I'm attending to bring back this topic from the dead to show what I'm selling or exchanging. I have two main items : First, my original OOS 2001 Poster in used condition (available on your favourite auction website as Authentic 2001 Origin of Symmetry Muse Poster - 60x82). I'm not really here to sell it but to tell you I'm willing to exchange it for an original/authentic The Resistance poster. please the see the following pictures : And secondly, I'm here for my very rare and authentic United States of Eurasia flag (not yet for sale on your favourite auction website as I'm having a hard time evaluating its price ^^), this one is in almost mint condition, please see below. Everything will be carefully packed in mail tube or appropriate packaging. I have also an unofficial twosided poster of the band from 2006. I hope this can be a good occasion to use this topic. Cheers from France!
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