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  1. but do you have a profile on facebook?;)

  2. butttt don't know when:D

  3. oh..maybe I'll try to sign up there.;)

  4. erm...yes:stunned:


    Paolo Nutini's:D yes! i know. he is the scottish singer if i'm not mistaken yeah?

    but....is he an Italian?:erm: no?

    i'd like to listen to him:p

  5. oh no:stunned:

    in that time I hadn't any my camera..


    and what is your last concert?)):)

  6. yes I need. need it every day:D

    i have a bad mood.don't know why.althought I have some reasons for that.


    wow!museeee:rolleyes: is it your third visit?

    I saw A-ha on Sunday! it was amazing! and it was my second visit on their concert:)

    probably it was the last show:stunned:

    i know that they had given 3 concerts in UK (Manchester, Birmingham & London)

    if I'm not mistaken english people love them so much!:rolleyes:


    I'm going to see Babyshambles:D Peeeeeete is coming to our country again!

  7. tu tu..

    dont forget about my english:D

    well........................where are you?

  8. er,,,,yeah;) but they are not such like A-ha for me:rolleyes:

    I mean I saw them on Sunday:p they gave the concert..omg it was unforgettable for me!

    I've already visited their concerts. and it was my second visit.

    anyway, do you like them?

  9. hey Paola :)can you imagine that Pete is coming to Moscow! with Babyshambles! it'll be the second visit to Moscow!!!:eek: holy moses!:D

  10. слушай ну на счёт сцены,ты вообще умница))



    а где практиковалась?англ.

    а вот она я!


  11. oh... but quality isn't good;)

    но спасибо!:)

  12. oh we were playing in one interesting game;)

    everyone writes on the blackboard 3 words and other start to guess what do you mean

    for example:



    my fav.city..and etc.

    and I wrote

    Scott :p

    many of them thought that this is name of my boyfriend:D



    some photos?where?

    i want it

  13. eh..patently:rolleyes:

    what times did you see them? (MUSE)


    today I've told my teachers about youuuu:p

    we were taking about England, english people and other stuff;)

    and theeeeeen I decided to tell them about my lovely pen-friend));)

  14. д...у меня тоже всё дела,дела) немецкий учу. как 2-ой язык)

    вот сегодня зачётик по первому разделу на 5/4 сдала));)

    слуушай,клёвооо ты и в театре играешь)здорово на самом деле!!!

    а какие пьесы?)))


    альбом нуу....отолично как всегда!!!:happy:

    undi.desires просто умаааатная песня)))))))))))у меня какие то извращенческие мысли лезут в голову!!!мм....:rolleyes: наверное моя сааамая любимая!!!

    + resistance изумительно!!!

    а вот из симфоний первая нравится!!

    но клип на undi трындец:$

    Матвей какой то разгламуриный в очках..зачем?:D а тёлка которая танцует просто фи

    как из племёнских танцев или знаешь в каком то рнб клипе видела:D:LOL:

    uprising хорош)))мне invinsible напомнил)))

    на машинке катаются))))



    а я вроде ничего.

    с инглишом опять проблемы :(

    в модальных глаголах запуталась..

    да и вообще что- то речи у меня совсем нет((

    тут практикантки преподавали,а они только на английском с нами разгооваривают (это оооочень хорошо)

    но порой мне так сложно говорить:(

    и это меня расстраивает:stunned:

    пытаюсь конечно...


    со Скоттом общаешься???)):D

    и ещё ты в контакте есть?

  15. i started to forget english without you:D

  16. no:p i study english & german only 2 languages, you know,i'd like to know spanish;)

    i should say that german is difficult especially grammar

    i like the german phonetic;) sounds so rude!:happy:


    yes Woody Allen, of course I know:)

    i can't say who is my fav producer:happy: 'couse I dont know:)

    but what his films do you like?

  17. you're so busy that forget to write me a couple of lines

    how are u?

  18. yes I'll have the exams too but in december i think and in january

    grammar, psychology perhaps russian :mad: and smth else I don't remember:p

    I started to learn german;) it's funny)

    and my friend speaks italy a little:D


    now I'm watching the Strangers:happy:

    do you know this film?

    frightful film with the elements of horror:happy:w

    I liiiike really like!!!

  19. hi hi hi!!

    haha yeah video is amazing!! I like it too!!

    Dom is a clever:rolleyes: =***

    i didn't know that he was living in france

    I'm ok)

    are you study?

    and what's the news?;)

  20. Настя,привет))=)


  21. hey Paola what do u think about Resistance..

    omg..I mad about Undisclosed desires amazing song!!!!


    just a strange feelings, you know....:rolleyes:

    you're in the space world....


    did you hear?;)

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