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  1. english snow..again?

    ah yeah we have a lot of snow and even now in the end of Febriary:mad::D

    sooooon March and my birthday and i dont wanna snow:happy:

    what have you been up lately?

  2. if you'd like to speak to me just write;)

  3. ahhh yeah yeah you're right!:D


    i'll go to do the grammatic

  4. what do you study?:)

    ah you're absolutely right!! english culture is amazing!!lovelyyyy:rolleyes: and so close to me:rolleyes: it's true, especially their music:rolleyes: the british musicians are the most talanted and:D good-looking so i cant imagine my life without english, england (i'd really like to live there)

    yes, i was in england twice (not only in london);)


    you truelly are a British girl at heart


    thanxx it's so plesantly to me:happy:

    so you didnt say to me:D

    what is your nationality?

    i mean english is your native language, yeah?;)

  5. organize group?

    yeah it'll be cool!:)u right

  6. wow i'd really like to travel a lot..:)

    so dont you study?


    yes russian is my main language but in future I will consider english is my own language:)

    so i adore english and england:happy: more than my native country:$

    you can think that itsnt normal...perhaps eh i know:D

  7. ahh..no:D

    i started to load but it writes that it's a mistake..

    pf dont understand what happend


    ok i'll try to load on myspace


  8. but as you know i think, the most english people hate pete they thought that he is an idiot or smth like that that he is a pointless waste of space...:D

    i asked the second person who say such things...


    anyway i loveee pete:D lest saying;)


    and about ma fav London!!:D

    yes i was for a week..ahhh Paola it was amazing..when i came back i was crying:stunned::D i didnt want to come back to moscow..

    i was only in london with my mum:rolleyes: and showed her a lot of places of interests:)

    hah she said that 3 days would be enough for her..but not a week

  9. smth has gone wrong with my mail..

    couldnt send the photos:stunned:


  10. Hah thanx for your prompt :D

    we wrote kasabian about their arrival to moscow and i wanted to write Tom on facebook but dont think that he'll answer me. so did you see them?where?


    Ok i'll send you some photos..)

    Eh..recently i was there and already miss :(

  11. Ah yeah of course we russian have valentines day.. But for me itsn't important. I dont care i think.

    and you,where are you from?


  12. ah..god!! cool! last time i listen only them;) almost them.:p

    fire on glastonbury sounded amazing!!!:happy:


    lovely serge:happy: my favourite vid ^^^


    eh..they dont even come to russia:(


    ah about number..no i've changed it on my previous


    yes i have a lot of photos about 500 i think:D

    but..what do you prefer to see?

  13. I asked my question in a wrong way. Do you want to talk to me through the inet or in a real life?

    Wow yeah?so have you seen them?what song can you play on the guitar?

  14. hello:) nice to meeeeeeeeet you)

    i'm Iren))


    so itsnt all the bands who i prefer to listen:)

    how's things?

  15. ahah probably pete likes russia:D somebody presented book of Dostoevsky. so i heard he loves him.

    oh and babyshambles were with him.

    you'd better watch this video

    and you'see a moment when he fell off the stage

    he wasnt drunk

    pete said that babyshambles would come in summer agaaaaaaaaaaaain!!:p

    so he really loves russian audience:D


    about kasabian eh i hope so:stunned::)



    hey i was there a couple weeks ago..

    i'd visited whitechapel district...finally so very glad!!!:happy:

    you know what i'm talking about..

    jack the ripper!!!!!!!:eek::D

  16. no I'm not sad.everything is ok.

    Tell me..do u want to talk to me through the inet?

    Ah..of course,union is amazing!!but i have a lot of flags of union and decided to buy english flag :)

    sure!a lot

  17. omfg:D yeahh it's a fucking cool!!




    ow Paola and you didnt suspect how I loooooove Tom:D oh and Serg:rolleyes:

    mm thats a pity! eh no..I have never been on their concert but I want!!!so waaaaaant but they dont comeeee:( why?? shit :D


    a week ago I saw babyshambles

    so Pete fell off the stage:(

    as usual:D

  18. ow Scott..i didnt expect that you'll write me :stunned:

    anyway i glad

    yeah i'm here in fucking moscow :$


    yes!!!! finally i bought an english flag not union

    it's so biiiiig:rolleyes::)

  19. helloooo!!!

    sorry Paola yes i promise to send you interview with Kasabian))

    haha amazing!!!

    have a look




    oh tell me Paola will kasabian give a concert in your town?:rolleyes:

  20. erm...hows your holidays?


    oh i'm looking forward my trip to London!!! i told you yeah?;)


    hey do you listen Kasabian?

    i'd like to send you one interview with them!!!

    haha i'm burst of laughing:D

    do you understand english speech?

  21. yeah she is coool! i agree!

  22. smth new for you


    woo she is so skinnyyyy;)

  23. mm...not bad;)

    nice song!

    where is she from?;)

  24. It's cool that they play such music.

    but...I know one russian band who play the covers of the different bands (Muse too :D ) pf..it sounds awful I think :D

    I'd prefer to listen it in original :p

    when I was at the british party they were playing 'bitter sweet symphony'

    ohoho the singer isn't Rich Ashcroft :D oh yeah. I wasn't feeling the british atmosphere! :/

    and now I don't go on such fest.

    So boring.


    Hey do you like La Roux?

    very pretty girl with red hair.her name Elly :)

    did you hear the song 'bulletproof'?

    I expect yes ;)

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