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  1. You like my name..thanks:)

    I study english too at the univercity but not only english..still other different subjects:)

    I study on the translator;) I decided learn english because I'm adoree...british music and Britain!! I see you like british music too??;):D Coldplay- cool band!!:D

    Violent Hill is a remarkable song)))


    Have you ever been in Russia??:)

    Where do you live in Italy ? what a city


    I cannot imagine my life without MUSE..their music is genius:rolleyes::rolleyes::):)

    and Matttew is god:D:p I think;)

    I know them for two years...

  2. Hello muse4lyf:):)

    I'm Irene:)

    How do you do?

    I'm a new at this forum!

    you have a nice album:rolleyes::)


    Are you from London?

  3. yeahh...indie- my adorable;)


    i like radiohead.:)

    i think karma police is amazing song..very beautiful:rolleyes:

    i prefer brit music: oasis, blur,travis, colplay..etc.


    and MUSEEE!!!:musesign:

    Mattew is genius:rolleyes:

    what do you think about their albums?

    what's your favourite album?


    i know that it's very difficult:D

  4. great!!

    are you speak english in Norway? or not?

  5. I'm from Moscow but I don't like this city..I don't know why:D maybe because I can't stand russia music;):D I know that it is very stupid..but...:rolleyes:

    I think that british musicians are the most talanted all over the world!!! It's true:)


    oo..I'm dreaming about England:( miss...

    because I was in London last year:)

    London is my favourite city and Brighton..too!!!

    Do you like The Kooks?? It's a british bands from Brighton:rolleyes: I love them!!:p


    Have you ever had a russian friends???:D

    may I adding you in my friends? ok??:)


    I have an album! look;)

    Do you have an album??

  6. Have u ever been at the slipknot's concert?:rolleyes:

  7. yes...origin of symmetry is my favourite too;);)

    Megalomania is great song!!:rolleyes:;)

    BUT yeah I agree with you that all albums are perfect!!!:rolleyes::happy:


    mm..citizen erased.:rolleyes:...'for one mo_Ome_Ent..I wish you hold your stage....':p



    Today the weather is fine..the sun is shining..but a bit of cold.i dont like autumn because sometimes veryy..cold! the cold wind is blowing....

    The Winter with snow and light frost:p but sometimes rain:rolleyes:

    I like spring and summer..:rolleyes::)


    and what is the weather like in Mexico?;)

  8. sometimes it's happend ahah;)


    tell me where do you spend most of your time?;)


    miss Brit it sounds nice:D

    well i'm not in moscow

    in moscow region, here me parents live and grandparents

    but i'm here only on holidays. now summer and i'm here:D

    my close friends live too here

    i'm very often repeat the word 'here':D

    i dont like my language :stunned:

    soon i'm going to amsterdam but i'll be there only 2 days then i'll go to belgium and germany

    hope the trip will be cool!


    well, well..and what about you?any plans?

  9. hello!! noisy_silence

    i'm novice at this forum..

    and my english is very bad((

    how are you??ooh..I forgot...!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  10. mm..you from Mexico!wow!

    are you crazy or normal fan?

  11. hello

    nice to meet you!))MuseDiane)

  12. hi;)

    Let`s get to know each other;):)


    I'm Irene;) from russia:)

    and you?

  13. I'm a CRAZYY!!:p

    Yeah...Muse is my favourite band:) forever:rolleyes::):D

    Do you have a lot of friends who listening them?;)

  14. mm..i'm 17

    from russia;)


    are you study at school?and do you know english very well?:)

  15. Hi!!

    I'm Irene:) it's my real name:D I'm Russian;) from Moscow...nice to meet you!!

    oh..are you study english?

    how old you like MUSE??:)

  16. Hello Amii:):)


    mm...you met MUSE!! it's really cool;);)

    i see your photo:) nice:)


    I'm Irene;):rolleyes:

  17. hello:):)

    how are you?;)

    like your avatar:rolleyes:

    is it you?:):)

  18. Hello!!

    How do you do?

    I'm Irene new at this forum=))

    look for the friends!!!=)))))))

  19. oh..THANK U VERY MUCH!!!:kiss:

    :xmas:Merry Christmas!!:xmas::rudolph:

  20. :xmas:Merry Christmas:xmas:


  21. hello Emmy:)

    I add you..dont you mind?;)

  22. yeah...:D ha..awesome:D:LOL:

    of course:):)


    what kind of music do you prefer?;) except MUSE:):)

  23. hello:)

    how's going?;)


    mm..like your avatar:rolleyes::)

  24. nice to meet you...wow!..Kris;);)


    mm...where are you from?;)

    are you 14??..oh..you looks like elder;):):)

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