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  1. ahhh hello !!!

    glad to see you here ;)

  2. hello Scotty :)

    I think we havent spoken for ages:rolleyes:

    are u busy as usual?

    how are things going?

  3. sometimes it's happend ahah;)


    tell me where do you spend most of your time?;)


    miss Brit it sounds nice:D

    well i'm not in moscow

    in moscow region, here me parents live and grandparents

    but i'm here only on holidays. now summer and i'm here:D

    my close friends live too here

    i'm very often repeat the word 'here':D

    i dont like my language :stunned:

    soon i'm going to amsterdam but i'll be there only 2 days then i'll go to belgium and germany

    hope the trip will be cool!


    well, well..and what about you?any plans?

  4. hellooo

    yeah i'm here:D

    i forgot my password and couldnt go online

    well how are u?


  5. wow! i agree! :p

    on condition you'll help me:D

    two masters better than one


  6. Scoooot! as i remember you promised to send me some of your photos. where are they?:happy: i forgot how you look like:D

    hey uhooooo! i've passed my phonetics exam on excellent!!:happy: i'm glad

    i wanna brag you:p well, my pronunciation is very good:rolleyes::p

  7. you ask! suuuureeee!:)


    didnt you recieve my messages? in private

  8. tu tuuuu where are u?

  9. Scott I have smth special for you


    it's russian movie (comedy) 1973 years if i'm not mistaken

    very interesting! if you have a patience you'll watch it!!

    i'm suuuure you will like it!!:happy::p

  10. er...The Avant Fest (the festival of indie music) which pass every year in May

    The Horrors is going to come:rolleyes: I'm looking forward them:happy: Patrick Wolf came last year, you know

    In this year it will be Kissogram, The Horrors, AutoKratz, Is Tropical

    there ate a lot of others fests

    but itsn't a secret that they are not like in England:happy:

  11. m..libertines are good. but I listen to them seldom..I'd say:rolleyes: very seldom.

    ..wow reading..:rolleyes:

    eh...I'm jealous that you Scott lives on such a wonderful island like Great Britain!!


  12. the dandy warhols, black r m c , the dead weather of course:rolleyes:

    smth else..

    but majority of my favourite are brit bands)you know

  13. really?

    but i adore them

    i think that americans do the best garage rock:)

    i'm not approve show biz:happy:

    lube is in the show biz, in a manner of speaking

  14. ay ay even dont answer me:(


    did you u like brmc?

    the latest album is amazing! it is worth listen!!

    Beat The Devil's Tattoo:)

  15. breed!,breed!breed!,breed!breed!,breed!breed!,breed!breed!,breed!

  16. hey!we were talking about your cat!

    wellll....ask your parents about breed!!Scot!!:D


    yes, i know but i am not deep in

    i mean in politics

  17. you're so worried for you country


    you even dont know the breed of your cat!


    yes your nicest black and white cat:happy:

    ah you have another one?

  18. yeah i hope so:) put 5 stitches into a wound:stunned:

    so i didnt expect it uf..


    what's the things?


    may i ask you Scott..

    what is the breed of your nicest cat?:)

  19. ow ok

    thanks fot the link


    erm..good i think

    yesterday had a micro operation on my leg, as we might call it

    yeah unpleasant news:rolleyes:

  20. I didnt know about it.

    Where can I vote for it?and why?

  21. hello

    nice to meet you;)

    i'm Iren

  22. not bad

    so nice to meet you))

    how did you find me?:)

    wow i see you prefer to watch horror films yeahhhh i adore them:D

    especially Halloween, Strangers and movies about killers Jack the Ripper, for example:happy:

  23. haa black is better than blond

    it's a wig:D

  24. did you believe?:D

    that i have blond hair

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