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    GLORY, the blues brothers, um...the list goes on ><
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  2. i wrote this one back in 2006 when things seemd at their worst but i think it can relate today as well "she weeps for planet earth" soldiers at attention with bayonets at arms marching towards to destruction war and peace is around but doesnt seem to stop just letting you know that she weeps for the planet earth resources have run dry with no way to be real that theres other means to fuel earth greed will be the downfall of existance on earth just letting you know that she weeps for the planet earth hold her hand and join her in utopia murder is everywhere nowadays motives that seem trivial to us its because they seem so different? and so they all must die? with no end of war in years to come it is just a matter of all the time they just let young soldiers die for them brings a tear to her eyes and she will arive at last due to the sadness on the earth and bring in peace at last it will be the end be the end of this it will be the end be the end of all of this all the inhabitants of our earth will become one and realize that were are indeed all the same kind we all are human beings and when we see the truth a flood will blanket the earth and then we will be all gone it will be the end be the end of the planet earth it will be the end of the planet earth it is for the best for everyone to die so she can bring peace back to the earth we will re-emerge from the now blue planet and find the ones we loved once again now we can rebuild the planet it's the rebirth of the planet earth and hate will be a thing of the past it's the rebirth the rebirth of the planet earth and then she will be gone just like that saying i will return here once again planet earth went through a fifth judgement day and it will happen here just one more time but on the next time this time it will be the end
  3. ooh lemme give this a go! "rain or shine" praying to the new red sun to relieve us of all the heat sun gods emerge along with a feathered man the true god of all the rain he raised his hand the couds turn dark a drop becomes a new downpour the dying plants have revived and emerged and then they drown to the water all we wanted is just a little rain didnt ask for such a total flood but its too late all the gods have spoken to us now the world shall become completely blue people drowning next to me (so helpless) and gather on all the rooftops but im o.k. because i built myself a boat and i'll wait for the rains to stop rain or shine doesn't matter to me i will float along and let it be i will prey for the sun to return again and this world has been flooded all over again if you should sink then i'll pull you aboard me and this girl that i have just known sitting together waiting for all the rains to stop and finally the sun smiles once again
  4. new stuffs! having a little fun with the image :3 and here are some that need to be inked and then comp colored tried to go for an up view thing ><
  5. Sorry I did see your message I was a bit drunk when I read it :LOL: Thanks :happy::$

  6. wow....

    hope its not creepy but...

    your really pretty ^^

  7. aww dont hesitate just showcase em ^^ ...oh i guess you already did lol i actually like em alot very cute *hug*
  8. thanks for the critiqueing ^^ but that is just a line drawing... no color >< but its all good, and yeah...anatomy is something i like exagerating on XD
  9. http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r287/rei-zero/myspacebgassist.jpg im personally proud of this one
  10. thanks for liking my siggys and avies ^-^

    yeah rei is a muse fan

    who da thunk it?

  11. Seriously do you make your avatars/sigs yourself? They really are awesome

  12. mine would be "collider" you know like the large hadron collider? well thats my opinion another would be "by moonlight burned" man i had a bunch but i need to get back to you on that
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